10 AMAZING Abilities HIDDEN in Your DNA: Science Unlocks Transhumanism

10 AMAZING Abilities HIDDEN in Your DNA: Science Unlocks Transhumanism

Transhumanism: Amazing Genes are HIDDEN inside of us; Science has found it. In 2014 one of the craziest science experiments by some incredible scientists at Oxford University found that less than 10% of human DNA is active, meaning that the majority of your genetic code is just sitting around doing nothing.

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If you’ve ever been in a fight with a child, and I know I have, you’ll soon realise that their bodies have an uncanny ability to heal faster than an adult’s.Every human on Earth possesses a gene called ACTN3, but for some people this gene possesses a very special ability – the ability to be totally badass at sports.When my head is in a bouquet of flowers or I’m hovering over a batch of freshly baked cookies, I wonder how great this must smell to a dog. Remember that movie where Bruce Willis had unbreakable bones and Samuel L Jackson played a weird guy who said he was unbreakable and he proved it when he was in a car crash and his bones were unbreakable?The ability to hibernate for months at a time is a trait man has envied ever since the invention of the Lay-Z-Boy. Instead of sleeping for months, how awesome would it be to need no more than four hours sleep and still feel as refreshed as you would after sleeping in till noon? Remember the mice from the regeneration gene entry? Ever wanted to swim underwater without having to worry about that pesky little thing called drowning? On the surface this ability may sound pretty neat, because imagine how good chocolate or steak would be if your sense of taste was ramped up a few notches? The ability to become infected by an ancient virus may not seem like the best dormant trait to wake up, but they can’t all be winners now can they?

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27 Responses to 10 AMAZING Abilities HIDDEN in Your DNA: Science Unlocks Transhumanism

  1. TaliesinMyrddin schreef:

    Huh, maybe I have that taste gene.

  2. Trevor Johnson schreef:

    I hit my shins with a claw hammer and now I'm in the hospital, thanks Strange Mysteries!!!

  3. Shaolin Steel schreef:

    I seriously have that sleep-gene. I sleep around 4 hour every night even when I have the day off and I done so since i was like 7.

  4. marlon shepherd schreef:

    we did have the ability live longer. until. whoever is running the earth is. slow poisning. ud

  5. Adrian Nava schreef:

    sleep is such an inconvenienc for me. if you wake up past 8am you might as well wake up at 8pm!

  6. matthew lauren schreef:

    tree fiddy comment yeeeeet

  7. Hanif Huzairi schreef:

    19 ancient viruses, that were previously unknown, HIDDEN IN OUR DNA!? Better look into those..

  8. David Ray schreef:

    nah, i have 3 kids, and diaper changing was hard enough WITHOUT them having tails.

  9. Im Insane 1234567888 schreef:

    I already heal faster then most I get a cut and in about a week its a scar.

  10. Secular Humanist schreef:

    Damn! I want gills so much!!

  11. Parth Pareek schreef:

    I have that unbreakable bone thing inside me. I have survived a truck accident, with intensive bleeding, but no fracture, but still, the bones pain too much.

  12. Vyse500 schreef:

    cool story bro

  13. Ionnatsu Phobia schreef:

    So Logan without the claws are what we can do

  14. Susan Foreman schreef:

    I have #2 (the supertasting gene), and you're right, it makes most things taste fucking nasty.

  15. Joe American schreef:

    This dudes narration always cracks me up.

  16. Nate M. schreef:

    Tried the hammer thing you suggested. Didn't work and it hurt like hell

  17. Mark Mitchell schreef:

    specific task only

  18. Famed Carrot schreef:

    Crisper anyone?!

  19. Baghdadi Maroco schreef:

    Wan Kommt eine Folge von Aschenputtel

  20. Sophie Kipping schreef:

    folgt mir auf instagram heiße Superstar_sophie wer mir folgt den folge ich auch

  21. Alejna Arbesa schreef:

    Wann kommen endlich wieder Playmobil Top Modell

  22. freya Kalkowski schreef:

    Ihr seid voll cool

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