10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation

This video is a compilation of 10 cool science experiments.
0:00 Jet engine in a jar
0:52 Traveling flame
1:16 Soapy water and gas
1:50 Drain cleaner and aluminium foil reaction
2:58 Brake fluid and pool chlorine
3:24 Coca Cola and pool chlorine reaction
4:01 Fire snake
5:13 Elephant toothpaste
5:52 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
7:33 Flammable hand sanitizer

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19 Responses to 10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation

  1. Frank Gingerich schreef:

    This was an amazing video!! I really liked the last one!! Make more of these please!!!

  2. shrikala patel schreef:

    is the fire snake poisonous

  3. BoxOfNothing schreef:

    The Jet Engine in a Jar sounds like an A-10 Warthog! xDD

  4. Deborah Clay schreef:

    you are awesome that is amazing

  5. Deborah Clay schreef:

    omg does pain come on hand in second one

  6. Gabin Sagot schreef:

    Why aren't you taking fire ?!

  7. DragonBow RGHR schreef:

    4:30 Cthulu rises

  8. Enelia Chishika schreef:

    wow the last one was so awsome,great and amazing I say liky

  9. Adriene's DIY's newton schreef:

    did the fire one hurt

  10. Jacob Bunker schreef:

    What kind of alcohol is used in #1?

  11. jhen furog schreef:

    it works on number 2

  12. Goreicle is Playin schreef:

    Surely 7 was edited right? riiiight????

  13. Jelte Hoekstra schreef:

    He is taking hand Sanitizer with his hand… Don't try it. I tried number 10 and it just burns plz don't try 10

  14. 김종현 schreef:

    aw!my finger is disappeard!

  15. NATSU DRAGNEEL #E.N.D Gillespie schreef:

    its cool how snake looked it was coming out of ground

  16. NATSU DRAGNEEL #E.N.D Gillespie schreef:


  17. Melissa Diana schreef:


  18. Jetoler schreef:

    How do you put out the flammable hand sanitizer one

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