10 Celebrities With Physical Deformities

Discover the body deformities of these Hollywood Stars.
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From big screens to magazines, celebrities are presented to us as these flawless creatures with the perfect bodies, the perfect complexion, the perfect life. What most people don’t think about is that before “lights, camera, action,” these stars are required to go through hours of makeup, wardrobe and hair. Even after the cameras are turned off, effects artist cover every blemish and tone every muscle so that their famous canvas looks as unmarred as possible. While the studios and publishers create the illusion of perfection, underneath it all stands a person just like you or me.
Celebs rock everything from extra nipples and digits to noticeable scars. Even Ke$ha told a story of being born with a tail, which she had surgically removed when she was a child. Of course, she’s also openly admitted to the press that she believes her vagina is haunted. But back to the point! No matter who you are or what your profession, no one is perfect. We each have our differences, no matter how noticeable they are, that set us apart and make us unique.

When asked, most stars are not afraid to openly discuss their abnormalities. Music star, Lily Allen, shockingly displayed her third nipple to a Dutch TV audience. Ashton Kutcher stripped off his shoes and socks to show British TV host Jonathan Ross his webbed toes. When the host called his toes “freaky,” Ashton replied, “When everything looks this good, something’s got to be messed up!”

The great thing about the majority of the stars on this video is that they embrace their differences as being a part of who they are. They let their talents speak for themselves and don’t let their imperfections get in the way of what they are truly passionate about. Plus, for the most part, they are willing to poke a little fun at their faults, which makes them even more relatable as a viewer or fan.

You may be surprised to learn that a lot of your favorite stars, who walk the streets of fame have been marked with imperfections either at birth or somewhere along their years of childhood. In this video, we will take a closer look at ten of those celebrities. Here are ten celebrities with physical deformities.

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Joaquin Phoenix
Jennifer Garner
Stephen Colbert
Megan Fox
Harry Styles
Karolina Kurkova
Vince Vaughn
Andy Garcia
DJ Paul
Gerard Butler

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17 Responses to 10 Celebrities With Physical Deformities

  1. twodazzlings schreef:

    that girl still had sort of a belly button

  2. Bill Nill schreef:

    I'm perfect so ha!

  3. April Markle schreef:

    my brother has 3 nipples

  4. Elina Nik schreef:

    Who else loves Talko ?

  5. Sahar schreef:

    Gerard looks gay.

  6. Oshaoxin schreef:

    foreskin over the thumb is a flaw in a girl I can live with

  7. Alexa playsmoviestarplanet schreef:

    I have the same thumbs as megan fox it was a disorder that I had before I was born

  8. Napoleon Bonaparte schreef:

    A product of inbreeding in most cases!

  9. Lucy Styles schreef:

    it is Karolína Kurková

  10. Samantha Watts schreef:

    Extra nipples: Feed 4 children at once.

  11. Sonia Sue schreef:

    Megan Fox and Harry Styles are still hot af

  12. ٰ INVISIBLE schreef:

    92% Harry styles doesn't have 4 nipples they are just birthmarks
    7%i have a thumb like Megan fox too I'm not alone
    1%talks about the whole video

  13. kitschautorin schreef:

    Except for DJ Paul I wouldn't say those are real deformities.

  14. Samantha Lynch schreef:

    how do they know if they are nipples when that could be two birth mark?

  15. NaturalGee schreef:

    everybody has some kind of diformity. Everyones bodies is different

  16. Random Fun !!!! schreef:

    Yaaassss Harrehhhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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