10 EPIC Sports Failures Of 2016

by kanonn

10 sports fails of 2016

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What other sports failures in 2016 should we have included?

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2016 was a typical year for sports: Some great championship games, some events that didn’t live up to the hype, some surprises, some disappointments and the Cleveland Browns making us laugh over-and-over again.

There was plenty to celebrate in 2016: The Rio summer Olympics were a blast, and Peyton Manning got to ride off into the sunset. However, there was also a lot in 2016 that was just…terrible.

Today we dive into the 10 most epic sports failures of 2016.

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20 Responses to 10 EPIC Sports Failures Of 2016

  1. Danny Choe schreef:

    Should have included nfl kickers

  2. Anthony Lombardo schreef:

    Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

  3. Reece Christian schreef:

    I'm just impressed the Browns beat the chargers

  4. Twitch 009 schreef:

    What if all NBA teams lost their best player

  5. Brian Leyden schreef:

    Top draft picks from every MLB team

  6. Chris Glunt schreef:

    the sharks flop was really funny (I think thats just because im a pens fan lol)

  7. PSID412 schreef:

    The England football (Soccer) team losing to Iceland at Euro 2016. I mean seriously that would be a division 2 college team beating an NFL team.

  8. connor johnson schreef:

    top 10 college basketball stars who were busts in the NBA

  9. RobloxiCraft :D schreef:

    Habs losing 10-0

  10. TakeAShowerStinky schreef:

    Thanks for nothing Cleveland Indians.

  11. Rip n Dip schreef:

    Do top ten Super Bowl interceptions I been asking for this

  12. David McCalla schreef:

    Number 6 is kind of dumb. The only failure Canadian team was the Habs.

  13. tanaka sigauke schreef:

    Top ten wonderkids 2010s.

  14. Amusement Parks Unlimited schreef:


  15. James Crawford schreef:

    Best college football team in each state

  16. Dawson Shibz schreef:

    Top 10 NBA most improved player candidates

  17. Grgzrgzrg schreef:

    top 10 teams who surprised us in 2016

  18. Roman GOAT Reigns schreef:

    It's the Premier League you idiot, not EPL, EAs FIFA is not real!!!!

  19. ziggywashere schreef:

    your voice makes me moist

  20. Trick shot Elite schreef:

    Top 10 nba players on bad teams

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