10 Famous Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers

10 Famous Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers

Here are 10 famous celebrities who killed their careers in seconds.

8 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are Actually Poor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUI1hw5Iw1w
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10 Dumbest Celebrity Purchases: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Is7r173LQNY

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10 Famous Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers

19 Responses to 10 Famous Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers

  1. Anonymous user Code 213 schreef:

    Really thought Bill Cosby would be on here

  2. Laurel Reef schreef:

    I could imagine OJ Simpson in a Tarantino movie.

  3. Elev8td schreef:

    3:15 that's not Q-Tip! LMAO!!!!!

  4. peter price-patrick schreef:

    For the people that don't know. The artists DO NOT CONTROL THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA. The record company do.

  5. Michael RedCrow schreef:

    Hogan was always trash as a person, it was just covered up with intense PR from the WWE , it was inevitable that it would eventually be found out what he really was " behind the curtain". ,I'm just surprised it took as long as it did.

  6. oscar g schreef:

    oj well oj

  7. oscar g schreef:

    Aaron was a retard for hangin around dumb asses

  8. oscar g schreef:

    if i were tiger,i would have sleep with thousands of chicks,then settle down at about 50

  9. DoctorBenz schreef:

    Tiger fucked Holly Sampson mhmm… Jelly.

  10. Mindy Okelley schreef:

    Damn the sound effect is too annoying to ever watch this crap again

  11. Tino5135 schreef:

    Do top 10 YouTube channels that do fake pranks like FoseyTube and prank vs prank!

  12. Jim Canterak schreef:


    Fucking jews lol.

  13. Hardstyler981 schreef:

    i disagree with the charlie sheen thing cuz he has a show called anger management

  14. Jani Rosado schreef:

    THAT is NOT Q-Tip!!!! lmfao! Clueless ass wypipo

  15. Dwayne Pierce II schreef:

    How you gon have Talib pic up when you say Q Tip smh the disrespect

  16. maryjane bergen schreef:

    As far as I'm concerned Charlie Sheen is still a rockstar warlock from Mars. WINNING.

  17. maryjane bergen schreef:

    Ecstasy doesn't cause memory loss…

  18. maryjane bergen schreef:

    Iggy Azalea already ruined her career? Isn't she like five years old? She's got plenty more time to make an ass out of herself for dat cash.

  19. _LeeLeeOfficial schreef:

    Iggy's ass looks like someone took a whole bunch of fat from other bodies and stuck it to iggy and flat ironed it

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