HELLO LOVES! Today I am sharing 10 fashion hacks every girl must know! I show you simple clothing hacks and also some diy clothing hacks! How to revamp old clothes , t-shirt diy and even how to make a scarf to a vest !! Hope you enjoy!!


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35 Responses to 10 FASHION HACKS EVERY Girl MUST KNOW !!!

  1. miruthikaaa kuganathan schreef:

    omg her hands r soo hairy!!!

  2. miruthikaaa kuganathan schreef:

    omg #cringey

  3. Potato Patata schreef:

    My favorite movie is Spider Man (2002)

  4. Lina Yasmine schreef:

    i like your boobs

  5. Ghazala Iqbal schreef:

    can you tell any homemade wax which gives less pain and beter results

  6. MaddieSaysRawr schreef:

    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (;

  7. Sophieonna Ana schreef:

    My favorite movie is Baby Driver, you have to go see it!

  8. Alexcia Gutierrez schreef:

    love the scarf cardi

  9. Cherish Cunningham schreef:


  10. Angie Aviles schreef:

    I love your hacks and for the big T-shirt you can also take the sleeves and tuck it in in a crossover manner and it looks cute as well it kinda looks like a sweetheart neckline anyway love you I just subscribed by the way ❤❤

  11. Kristina Crnjak schreef:

    6:57 … WHO DOES THAT? just put it in your pants it looks way better than this, I can imagine how it looks, like you have something in your back wtf. sorry for bad english. and im not hating im just saying this is NOT fashion and those are NOT hacks..

  12. Kristina Crnjak schreef:

    sorry but all of this is just….a big no no.

  13. xxKim TaeTaexx schreef:

    hellooo….xD your life hacks are awesome hahah…so don't mind if i click the like bottom xD oh and i'm new in your channel <3

  14. Mallory Mileham schreef:

    These were all so cool! Will have to try the nail polish remover on my converse lol

  15. Joni Gravitt schreef:

    the outsiders is my favorite movie

  16. yahiie schreef:

    I don't know why but I choked when the Trend was ugly shoes. Specially when Raven said "Shoes that are fucking ugly" LMFAO

  17. Upload Videos schreef:

    how did laila get a boot rtxytcgfjhfydtrcghv

  18. J Gummo schreef:

    Gia Gunn is the guest? Really scraping the bottom of the barrel for this episode eh?

  19. Metal Heart schreef:

    I didn't know Gia was funny! "Some of us express themselves as women… and some as …… ….. … clowns!"

  20. Ric Owens schreef:

    Like ya Gia but when on THIS gig we need you to drag it up…….even Raven changed her hair.

  21. Daniel Pena schreef:

    Raven was raised in a strict Mormon household, complete with magic underwear!!

  22. Kieran Clark schreef:

    gia is not funny at all

  23. Moe Nix schreef:

    My guesses before the ru-veal
    1.) Willam
    2.) Darian Lake
    3.) Laila McQueen
    4.) Detox
    5.) Milk
    6.) Jiggly
    I did a pretty good job 🙂

  24. Jesse Lean schreef:


  25. delius amat schreef:

    My guesses:
    Bob the Drag Queen
    Laila McQueen


  26. Carlos Rodriguez schreef:

    After all this time I still do not like Gia. She always comes across as mean and not very smart..

  27. Mizan R schreef:

    gia all nonchalant describing the silhouette gorilla.

  28. Rah Capek schreef:

    This is so hard to listen to with Gia. She can turn out looks but I cannot listen to her. The quality of the voice doesn't bother me but it's that she doesn't make sense & has odd timing.

  29. John Smith schreef:

    Doesn't raven hate ankle straps tho? …

  30. Jimmy Bob schreef:

    Laganga looks like a fucking man. Put some pads on. Fuck

  31. Pedro Hermano schreef:


  32. Samisfree schreef:

    Goddammit, I love Gia Gunn. Can sis get her own show?

  33. Cesar Palazuelos schreef:

    I just love Gia so much!

  34. Xoch schreef:

    Aww, not fair booting Milk and Jiggly cz they weren't in their performance ensembles. My favorite look was Laganja, and I flippin' LOVE her!! <3

  35. leonardo franco schreef:

    she can run from the cops DEAD

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