10 MERMAID Inspired Beauty and Fashion Products

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If you have ever seen the movie “The Little Mermaid” chances are you grew up wanting to be a mermaid yourself! And now, with so many people obsessing over everything mermaids, the beauty and fashion industry has taken notice! From swimsuits and leggings, to real life size mermaid tails, these are 10 mermaid inspired fashion and beauty products!
There is no easier way to let the world know you are crazy for mermaids than accessorizing your phone with these mermaid inspired phone cases. Etsy has tons of options, featuring shimmering blue and purple mermaid scales. If you want something more subtle try this black and white phone case, which features a profile painting of a beautiful mermaid floating in the sea. Just make sure to get a strong phone case, because everyone knows mermaids can’t live without their shell phones!

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Kezia Warouw Jadi Bintang Kedjora, karya Ivan Gunawan di Indonesia Fashion Week 2017

Credit video by @irwansyah80
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35 Responses to 10 MERMAID Inspired Beauty and Fashion Products

  1. GreyedInterests schreef:

    The thumbnail reminded me of Glory from Wings of Fire… i am wings of fire trash

  2. JJ schreef:

    Imma flip rn…..

    ITS HOLOGRAPHIC NOT IRIDESCENT!! Omfg all the holosexauls be cringing

  3. Farhana Afroz schreef:

    I have the little mermaid perfume by disney

  4. The Sketchy life of a Songbird schreef:


  5. mitcthegamer47 schreef:

    The thing about the fins is that they are not allowed most pools due to the no legs in just a fins

  6. kk blue schreef:

    I'm a mermaid, I call it a medical condition

  7. Blurryphace Craft baby schreef:


  8. Abrham Uma schreef:

    That mermaid joke though xp

  9. IAMTiffany Monique schreef:

    Cool! Now please do one on unicorns!

  10. Chloe Braswell schreef:

    for those who want a mermaid tail go to finfun and practice with that then go to finfolk

  11. Mangled Mess schreef:

    Mermaid Makeup, and clothing. A way to attract a person in the Navy or a Coast Guard.

  12. It's KEKEEE schreef:

    Do a video about Pastel gothic fashion

  13. Milena Isabal schreef:

    Getting a fin fun mermaid tail you won't regret it ok if you don't like mermaids then you won't (I have no remorse )

  14. Cat tube With Morris schreef:

    The mermaid blanket

  15. Bronagh Holmes schreef:

    Ummm was this video sponsored by etsy or….

  16. My Cupcake Army schreef:

    Who else has pretend to be a mermaid

  17. Gwyn Lee schreef:

    This sounds like a mermaid product infomercial

  18. ALYA Alicia wijaya schreef:

    Queen Kezia

  19. Mumun setiawati schreef:


  20. zefri zon schreef:

    lngkp bnget, yg di punyai kak keke

  21. Rudianto Brugman schreef:

    Nah wajah nya kemarin waktu di mu, dibuat ke barat2 an, kesan Indonesia nya kayak hilang, saya saja bingung, kok wajahnya kayak berubah

  22. dedik arifianto schreef:

    Wooowww gaunya bagus sayang belahan terlalu tinggi, dari depan bagus gaun bisa tergerai ketika jalan, tapi Dari samping kelihatan CD nya..

  23. Chris Michael schreef:

    mau diapain ga menang ga elegan..kaku dan norak

  24. Anugrah Oppo schreef:

    wow… luar biasa, Igun mmg hebat…..

  25. Novia Estonia schreef:

    kalau kayak gini rambutnya mukanya indonesia bingiiitz

  26. ahmad daeng schreef:

    banyak yg masih belum tau kalau keke di MU itu independent, semua2 sendiri, cuma dibantu make up seadanya oleh pihak MU, semua tergantung keke gmn dia mau buat penampilannya yg bagus menurutnya. kalau rambut dibuat begini sedikit nutup detail baju nya, kurang bagus meski lebih enak dilihat mode rambutnya, yg fatal lagi pas final keke pakai swimsuit rambutnya dibuat seperti divideo ini, itu ga boleh, karena yg namanya swimsuit itu lebih menonjolkan leher kebawah….. the best Queen Kezia , still love her

  27. Tyas Dewata schreef:

    nanya donk ini judul musik nya ap ya???

  28. Iko Danto schreef:

    kok style rambutnya ga kayak gini waktu di MU ..ya sudahlah ..terlambat cinnn

  29. Zhena Assilah schreef:

    love keke

  30. Rena Andriani schreef:

    cantik baju Kezia. Ivan Gunawan TOP.

  31. Jumaan Aan schreef:

    gw stuju bagt coba mlm itu makeup dan tatan rambutnya seperti ini pasti perfect bgt

  32. Joice Barnicoat schreef:

    Ivan, you are the best, great design . that Black gown Kezia wore it it's so amazing.

  33. Sakti Ageng Wiratama schreef:

    Belum bisa move on gue, gila cetar begini cuma Top 13. ya sudahlah bersyukur

  34. Didi Er1909 schreef:

    waktu di MU seharusnya rambutnya bikin kaya gini lebih bagus cantik

  35. Yasmin Putrye schreef:

    keren cantik, tp sayang traniyaya ad yg nyalahin gaun ny pas di miss universt hiikkz

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