10 Racist Celebrities

Some of Hollywoods glitziest stars have slipped from the red carpet and straight to the Z-list after revelations of their racist outbursts.

From WWE legend Hulk Hogan, to Mad Max himself, Mel Gibson, AllTime10s brings you 10 Racist Celebrities.

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18 Responses to 10 Racist Celebrities

  1. E Shoty schreef:

    you can be arrested in Europe for saying offensive things

  2. OfficialTiffGraham schreef:

    I thought mark wahlberg and Dwayne johnson were friends?

  3. 2 fast 4 u m8 schreef:

    There is no Jewish race idiots

  4. PrZemek44 schreef:

    What a stupid list…. You can take No 7 off it. If Whoopi Goldberg vouched for him… 😉 She said "I've known Mel for over 20 years, and he's not a racist". Period.
    He's a mean drunk, though…

  5. Michael'Trucking Gray schreef:

    so if you say racist stuff or you just don't like black people also not only are you just shunned but you're going to court and being charged with racism? Are you fucking kidding me that's not a crime fucking that like somebody sorry the crime is stealing their money or hurting them or something like that. Saying what you feel is not a crime unless the thought police of the world are telling us we can't what we can and can't say or do or think so being that I didn't see any black people in their calling white people names you know they're doing it but hey what the fuck do I know let's make everything a crime now I love this this is so much drama in this world

  6. Sam Fisher schreef:

    Oh look they're all white because nobody else can be racist except white people…. this is the paradox everyone has created for white people. Whites can't stand up for themselves or criticize a race without being branded a racist. And yes there were some racial rant but on the flipside you have black comedians Who make it there whole act. I've met Mexicans who want to shake my hand because I'm white.

    The truth is you're in a time when most white people are kind considerate and at an all time low of racism and you still beat us down. It's gotten so sad that I can't watch the left or BuzzFeed because of the White genocide…

  7. GamerGeek TV schreef:


  8. MrWackoTaco schreef:

    I do not understand why what Mark Wahlburg is considered a racist for what he did. He made some stupid jokes as a teenager doing stupid things. How does that make him a racist?

  9. Gordon Schnick schreef:

    Who gives a flying fuck if your racist or not. Fucking babies. "waaah, he racist" fuck you. Ad long as its not physical who cares. It's just words.

  10. Laidback Lub schreef:

    Add cherlyn Barnes with this

  11. maskedavenger777 schreef:

    I have heard Hispanic and black celebrities say things just as bad or worse than Hulk Hogan, and they didn't get one tenth the punishment Hogan got.

  12. Joe Bodiford schreef:

    Where's Spike Lee??
    Red Fox?

    Seems like you don't want to look at the entire picture.

  13. Ten DoubleMike schreef:

    wahlburg and the others should be hailed as heros.

  14. Terry Phillips schreef:

    stop using the damn word if u don't. know what it means a white man don't get to call a black ppl racist make you sound stupid

  15. Ode to Aphrodite schreef:

    About all of the wars.

  16. Ode to Aphrodite schreef:

    Mel Gibson is absolutely correct.

  17. boothill cemetery schreef:

    fuck niggerd

  18. Romen Pheonixx schreef:

    Amazing how so many people hate black people, but love what they do and take it as there own and then they're cool for doing it….. lol. It's also crazy how black people hate being hated, but do dumb shit to add to the damn stereotypes of them IN the damn world. Something has to happen to stop this shit.

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