10 Rocket Launch Failures

10 Rocket Crashes compilation, Rocket Launch Fail, Accident with Rocket Launcher ..

17 Responses to 10 Rocket Launch Failures

  1. CHIVORN ML schreef:


  2. James Cox schreef:

    damn fire u scary

  3. Monis Rahman schreef:


  4. HiragaSaito sama. schreef:

    1:58 hell laughing at this

  5. Rihan Al Biruni schreef:

    This justifies research on new ways propulsion!

  6. Hanzo Fernandez schreef:

    Rrly seriously

  7. LM Jones schreef:

    Incompetence at such a catastrophic scale is so relaxing.

  8. ImGonSay It Anyway schreef:

    I like how they keep showing the same damn rocket exploding at least three times..

  9. Jagadisha Jaga schreef:

    our ISRO is great…

  10. Abdul kareem schreef:


  11. mat nyet96 schreef:

    barang makan tuan…bahaya.

  12. mat nyet96 schreef:


  13. metel jeksen schreef:

    I hope my dick wont fail like all this rockets

  14. jeremy western schreef:

    Why don't they use less flammable material like lighter fuel or turpentine instead of that dangerous rocket fuel? Daft

  15. Jojo jaja schreef:

    oh amazing thats a best firework display ive ever seen.

  16. Roberto De Leon-Gonzalez schreef:

    And that, friends, is why you should never be close to a rocket launch.

  17. dhananjay shete schreef:

    nee how mow ching chang choo !

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