10 Strange World Phenomena Science Cannot Explain!

10 World Phenomena Scientists, professors and teachers cannot explain
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In today’s world science can explain just about everything, but we still live in a strange and sometimes confusing world. While we are constantly searching for answers there are some things that we just can’t seem to explain. Mysteries entities captured on film, feelings we can’t place and experiences that feel so familiar despite never having done them before. These phenomena have yet to be explained by science, but we’re still looking anyway. Maybe one day these strange occurrences will make sense and our knowledge will be broadened even further, but for now they are still a mystery. After all, absence of proof doesn’t necessarily mean proof of absence, right?

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17 Responses to 10 Strange World Phenomena Science Cannot Explain!

  1. Natalie schreef:

    Number 11: My birth

  2. Cupid XD schreef:

    The mushroom thing, it was solved… its from a spore in the center and it blah blah. thats all i know. That physics guy on netflix explains it.

  3. MSKTyler- Gameplay And More schreef:

    2:57 I'm 99.9% positive those are just spheres left behind from ancient natives

  4. Eugene Varvorines schreef:

    The twins were Destiny that were given to the parents, and had a purpose to fulfill in the world to come.

  5. docsunga schreef:

    lol fairy rings mwahahaha!! that is the result of dung being spread by rain in a circular fasion. mwhahaha!

  6. Miruna Cercel schreef:

    Number 10: of fucking course the "hum" was heard in all the ENGLISH SPEAKING regions of the world.. nice

  7. Kiranmai Veenam schreef:

    back ground music is so irritating

  8. Happ Fish schreef:

    First 2 are solved 100%

  9. Neni H. schreef:

    Maybe somebody moves the rocks just to have fun

  10. Marc Bolinger schreef:

    Fairy ring is no mystery, It's a common result of decomp

  11. Darkcon Drazenco schreef:

    who else was kinda expecting something about the clip art in that video? xD

  12. Nicole Wells schreef:

    "casta rica"

  13. TheWanderingFox schreef:

    Weren't the rocks already explained? Wasn't there flooding in the area that slightly lifted the rocks over the ground and move them?

  14. Derek Umaña Q. schreef:

    I am 16 years old and am a native Costa Rican, and in those 16 years I have nerver heard that The Balls were from Atlantis lol

  15. TheBlockinGlitcher schreef:

    I hear the hum.

  16. Shinji Ikari schreef:

    This free car thing.

  17. Diego Torrez schreef:

    Yo I live in Taos!!!!!!!

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