10 Unbelievable Future Technologies That Will Change The World In Your Lifetime

10 Unbelievable Future Technologies That Will Change The World In Your Lifetime

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In the past few years, we have witnessed great leaps in technology. And believe it or not, we are just getting started. Here are 10 science-fiction like future technologies that are soon going to enter our daily lives, for real.

Hear what you touch
Smart Bra
Vomit Inducing Flashlight
Smart Fridge
Invisibility Cloak
Cloning of human body parts
Space Elevator
Mind Meld
Tailor Made Babies

Title Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Advanced Ancient Technology that is Beyond Modern Understanding [FULL VIDEO]

We’ve lost the secret to some of ancient history’s most highly advanced technology, and for all of our ingenuity and discoveries, our ancestors of thousands of years ago are still able to baffle us with their ingenuity and discoveries. We have developed the modern equivalent of some of these ancient inventions, but only very recently. Some of these ancient artifacts are still baffling mainstream science.

Based upon his lifelong studies of ancient ruins, lost cities, potential spaceports, and a myriad of hard scientific facts that point to extraterrestrial intervention in human history. Most incredible of all, however, is von DΓ€niken’s theory that we ourselves are the descendants of these galactic pioneers – and the archeological discoveries that prove it. Includes remarkable photos that document mankind’s first contact with aliens at the dawn of civilization.

This video shows many Oopart (out-of-place artifact) the term applied to dozens of prehistoric objects found in various places around the world that seem to show a level of technological advancement incongruous with the times in which they were made.

40 Responses to 10 Unbelievable Future Technologies That Will Change The World In Your Lifetime

  1. NatGeo Times schreef:

    Check out our latest video:

    10 Weirdest Museums Ever

  2. Javier Galicia schreef:

    wth the video went green and static :-[

  3. aaishasmusic1963 schreef:

    The vomit inducer

  4. Cody Mcgonagill schreef:

    creepy all of it

  5. John Doe schreef:

    we have the ability to talk to eachother by means of teleacanesis ( I'm pretty s u re I spelled that wrong) we just have to tap into the part of the brain that allows us to along with many other things it would allow us to to do that seem alein in nature but really our brains can do it we just need to get back to our roots an relearn how.

  6. Emran Rasel schreef:


  7. TheFruitofPassion schreef:

    There's a movie about that, "The Island."

  8. JayJay Jones schreef:

    men can have a smart jock strap?

  9. XclusiveKitten [GD] schreef:

    ha, immortality would overpopulate the earth, and we can't live forever. we'll turn to dust πŸ˜‰

  10. Go2 SherlockIt schreef:

    Like it. Always ready for a change!

  11. The Transporter 001 schreef:

    All signs of Anti Christ

  12. Nickodude GamingTV schreef:

    The space elevator is stupid cause space debri would hit it and destroy it

  13. Aaron Wise schreef:

    3D food printer, please

  14. musa mohamed schreef:

    Wow nice

  15. Lillyisawesome360 schreef:

    My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren will have these..

  16. Fiifi Anaman schreef:

    this simple means the world is coming to an end .let repent

  17. Minhaj-Ul-Haq schreef:

    deserves dislike & i did, because of immortality

  18. Devil Dawn schreef:

    If space elevator broke down due to earthquake.. and if the major amount of part drop down toward the ocean then it can create artifical or man made tsunami … If its fall on land .. it can smash us like boil potato!!

  19. T_ Face schreef:

    In OUR Lifetime??…You Mean In 90 years right?

  20. kool G schreef:

    there's nothing new under the sun.so this tells me this shit been here.

  21. Asrat Mengesha schreef:

    The ancient is Noah time. All people know Noah! don't they?

  22. youareonthetube1 schreef:

    Homeschool your children.
    Allow them to get a FULL and HONEST opportunity in life by giving them ALL of the information.
    Send them to the same institution that you went to. Let them get the same CONDITIONING that you received. Alot of you parents are jealous and envious of your own children anyway, seeing them fail gives you a private joy.

  23. Mandy Smith schreef:

    i see and hear birds and animals and their behaviour around most man made vehicles from land craft(cars, trains) to air-craft(Planes, Balloons) and even from what we would consider early mechanical transport that was noisy & smelly, not many showed any particular fear for these unusual objects, and why would they, they at the early stages at least, had no reason for any real fear as they didn't foresee any personal threat, and today with modern aircraft like the jet-liners, and military jets, you get large groups of Birds on and around a close proximity to these craft, and now they should recognise a fear, due to many birds being killed by them, yet they STILL DO NOT……so why then many 100's (1000's) of years ago would both animals of the land and air show such great fear.. for aircraft that from what we've learnt and apparently experienced today, are exceptionally quiet, no sound, no exhaust or fuel smells, being they rely on some future technology. Could it be because they are not physical beings of good intention…in believing in Christianity, being that animals like us were created by a GOD an all good and loving forgiving entity, then the opposite to him, by that i mean Lucifer(Satan) would indeed create that great fear and loathing….which then could explain why these animals, when these apparent space vehicles arrived on earth, would suddenly go very quiet, and quietly move back into the underbrush, trees and caves from where they came, possibly in the hope they were not seen, and then proceeded to show these earlier humans the fear that was described in these early writings…..just something to think about.

  24. Mike Ivsin schreef:

    At 8:00 there is an old map. Cartographers allegedly converted this map to a globe and then they recognized it as Antarctica. Well, well. The earth is flat and maybe even Daniken can learn a new thing or two.

  25. DoctorMaxMoebius schreef:

    Great! I love von Daniken. He looks great!

    "Himmelvert Blickten!"

  26. Hello こんにけは Hallo Ciao Salut schreef:

    I need strudel to listen to this eh..

  27. eddie johnson schreef:

    oops I mean 30 years ago

  28. eddie johnson schreef:

    thanks for opening my mind 30 yes ago

  29. Susie Cherry schreef:

    Don't concern yourself with what has been suppressed and get your bible out and read the book of Ezekiel and look at what is written with new eyes!! Just do it! I suggest you start from the first book of Ezekiel instead of starting at 14 as is suggested on this video.

  30. EternalSeeker schreef:

    A Man of Integrity and Natural Curiosity and Great Charm.
    A perfect video to send someone who would like a good clear introduction and wide overview on a subject riddled with contradictions and certainly off-the-line in the school history schedule. Daniken also has been a brave man and a would not be swayed or embarrassed by the established orthodoxy. He has, I think, been vindicated.

  31. Esben Solgaard schreef:

    Research flat earth/infinite plane + the NASA moonlanding hoax.

  32. Tiempo Nuevo schreef:

    The AD… Preprograming for the New World Order, Georga Stones 1st commandment…. maintain population at 500,000,000…. Just a thought.

  33. Paul Giacomel schreef:

    Love your Work MR Erich von DΓ€niken!
    People below Have NO idea the work this Great Swiss man has done Into real ancient artefacts and Human Origins!
    Non believers need to have a hard think about the material that they have learnt throughout their life and of what use it has in REALITY!
    Current curriculum is only useful for people that would like to live in a society of Today!
    Decimal numeric system and English language! absolutely useless in a real world!

  34. jules believer schreef:

    Very interesting viewpoint. Thank you.

  35. Pearl Railey schreef:

    Ezekiel saw the wheel, way up in the middle of the air.

  36. Marian Kowal schreef:

    Eric Von Daniken the man is 100% right .In past there was alien civilization on earth .They have high technology to travel between solar systems.They know how to manipulate DNA .When I was teenager I work on anti-gravity drive .It can be done ,its not that difficult I just need good machinery shop , and somebody who is good with the machine. And there is no any breaking physical law.

  37. rednet70 schreef:

    just shit

  38. hilda shaw schreef:

    false news, dont let your children watch this crap. you should be ashamed of yourself for coming up with garbage like this. is reality not good enough for you. now post a apology to all the people you try to lie to. you imbesile

  39. Try To Cook This schreef:

    I was watching with serious interest and then 18:44 "what is this here supposed to be" … .for some reason I started cracking up. Humans are just weird and laugh at random things, I guess.

  40. Thierry Herreman schreef:

    There are no stupid questions,there is only stupid answers.

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