15 BEST Sports Plays Of 2016

15 amazing sports plays of 2016

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What other great sports plays from 2016 did we miss?

Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked.

The year 2016 was a great one for sports. Cleveland is no longer the city of losers — thanks to the Cavaliers’ NBA championship and the Indians reaching the 2016 World Series.

And hey, Portugal won the Euro Cup! Cristiano Ronaldo finally won an international tournament!

There were also some phenomenal plays that will forever be remembered. Today we dive into the 15 best sports plays of 2016.

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20 Responses to 15 BEST Sports Plays Of 2016

  1. Connor Delaney schreef:

    The step back in the finals

  2. Seraphina Isidora Estelle schreef:

    Honey, please F.vck me nicely
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  3. Carltz Constant schreef:

    you should do title and game winners

  4. clint brunke schreef:

    how do you put the aaron rodgers hail marry but not put the crazzy fitzgerald run in overtime that actually won that game which was a way more impressive play .

  5. Dylan Gralapp schreef:

    bob crud AwSoMe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. GamingRealmz schreef:

    martavis bryant catch is the thumbnail. What about the eziekiel elliot run. Antonio browns reach. Encarnacions walk off. Golden tate overtime play. Mike evans catch.

  7. MissileStrike 24 schreef:

    Top reason why everyone hates your MLB team

  8. Mason Storm schreef:

    So your saying hitting a game winning hit to end the biggest losing streak in sports history and in the most historic baseball game of all time isn't on the list

  9. Guy Leach schreef:

    Excuse me what happen to Kyrie in game 7 the game winner

  10. romantrajedy schreef:

    you missed seattle sounders gk stefan frei stopping jozy altidores header in the MLS cup

  11. TrickShotHeroes 34 schreef:

    Cool Video do worst plays of 2017 after super bowl please

  12. Drew Plays and Challenges schreef:

    The lions packers game

  13. Kerry Deaton schreef:

    Where is Zobrist's hit in the top of the 10th of the World Series game 7?

  14. AJ Entertainment schreef:

    Ben Zobrists hit down the line in game 7

  15. Francesco Moretti schreef:

    the kyries shot

  16. NameUnderConstruction schreef:

    kyrie hit a 3 and WON

    The warriors lost a 3……to ONE Series Lead

  17. Trevon Beam schreef:

    Seattle Seahawks

  18. Kyle Williams schreef:

    What about the Cubs breaking the longest losing streak in sports history?

  19. Isaac OBrien schreef:

    manny machado > josh donaldson

  20. Keenan Blair schreef:

    kyries clutch three pointer in the finals

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