15+ Hotels That Failed So Badly It’s Funny

15+ Hotels That Failed So Badly It’s Funny

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20 Responses to 15+ Hotels That Failed So Badly It’s Funny

  1. Dean Shaw schreef:

    talk about getting wet lol 3:56

  2. TheNeonGuy l Road to 100 subs schreef:

    the fucking music gave me cancer

  3. PlaystationCentral82 schreef:

    Only a spawn of satan though it would be a good idea to create most of these MASSIVE failures, like seriously, they should be BANNED for even try to say these suggestions to the people built those things.

  4. MelLovesToDraw schreef:

    7:04 They missed UK

  5. All Great And Powerful King schreef:

    11:03 best part

  6. Luciano Santana schreef:

    What's wrong with the pool?

  7. HurNaqvi YoBoy schreef:

    i live in dublin…. (3:25)

  8. Neo Quartz schreef:

    hello my name is Stu Pid

  9. Clorox Bleach schreef:

    7:58 How is it confusing? there is a note that explains everything for you unless you are autistic or retarded, which you actually are.

  10. bad meme schreef:

    hahahahha xd xd xd so funny xd xd

    please blow my brains out

  11. DarkGodGaming schreef:

    7:08 xD

  12. Mikalnort Uchiha schreef:

    Hotel Bosses: you had one job….. one FUCKING job!!

  13. WeedCiti 420 schreef:

    That's a no smoking vape tray, duh

  14. Luke Cannon schreef:

    Iceland is the cumshot that God should've swallowed

  15. Luke Cannon schreef:

    Why the hell is New Mexico not even in Mexico

  16. Luke Cannon schreef:

    The Jews deserved to die.

  17. Marth Hero-King schreef:

    8:33 That is what hotels must do. It's not that they are not trying, but keeping you safe by keeping condiments sealed until you use them lol. Probably a rich ass cocky white boy

  18. Cartridge schreef:

    Exactly why we don't visit Minnesota in winter 🙂

    But too bad because I live there.

  19. Lachlanon1234567 schreef:

    17:14 was very accurate………………….

  20. Jiulietta Hargreaves schreef:

    lady boy. XDDDDD I lost it at lady boy.

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