17 Celebrities Who’ve Survived Murder Attempts

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17 Celebrities Who’ve Survived Murder Attempts

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11 Responses to 17 Celebrities Who’ve Survived Murder Attempts

  1. scott skoo schreef:

    7 to 11 lol

  2. jritch789 schreef:

    Puffy daddy lol, come on man even Siri sounds better than this

  3. B M schreef:

    Do vid on top Jane does and john does

  4. Drew Thompson schreef:

    Two pack shah core, notorious big.

  5. Aaron Burr At the woods schreef:

    George Harrison is not the devil! It's Paul, or at least the guy that has played Paul in real life since the real Paul McCartny was killed in an auto accident in LA in 1963. A grown mans height, facial features and eye color don't just change overnight…

  6. Zombie Orchid schreef:

    I've seen the Theresa Saldana story/movie. It was so horrific what happened to her. She was so strong to overcome it. I was sad to hear that she died last year.

  7. Itzel Hernandez schreef:


  8. Alyssa Salmon schreef:

    First lol

  9. Jessica Ledesma schreef:

    I like your style always Nadine.

  10. Ritchierose Agustin schreef:

    ang sexy n Nadine grabe kaw n tlaga ilove you jadine

  11. Emma N. Pingol Pingol schreef:


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