2 hours Real & Dope Hip Hop Music-Long Playlist


00:00 – Stefan – Into You 03:59 – Wu Tang Clan – Back In The Game 07:30 – CunninLynguists – Beyond The Sun 09:33 – Prozak – Until Then 13:00 – The Grouch – ANX 16:50 – Sleep Of Oldominion – Substances 21:00 – Incise – Paving The Way 25:00 – Urthboy – Someone Else’s House 28:45 – Eligh – Whirlwind 31:50 – Apathy – Be A Better Man

There you go with the tracklist for the playlist I made! 🙂
Hope ya enjoy! Don’t forget to spread the video, show it to your friends, your family, or even your house pet. Nah, just make sure people starting to regocnize and appreciate real rap again.

I’m always grateful for a subscription or some feedbacks, so feel free to hit me up.

Thanks a lot in advance and Don’t Fake The Funk!


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20 Responses to 2 hours Real & Dope Hip Hop Music-Long Playlist

  1. Blair Bebout schreef:

    Broooo. this playlist is just insane. thank you for your hard work of putting these together

  2. amtillthepm schreef:

    20:55 song please?

  3. Preston Orbe schreef:

    Beginning? Fire

  4. Robert Resendiz schreef:

    Where can I get the first song at?

  5. shaun Kal schreef:

    this used to be great to listen to whilst working but now i know the lyrics to too many songs and end up just listening to them hahah thanks for this tho helped me concentrate for the longest time, hope youre having success on youtube

  6. MR. Last Letter schreef:

    if your with the culture please take time out your day and listen to some of my instrumentals. peace n love.

  7. Kalven Gibbons schreef:

    first song

  8. Arthur Bruaux schreef:

    yes thanks for the playlist bro

  9. RonoZize schreef:


  10. Pati2605 schreef:

    Just a Playlist they say !! No …Damn u can feel this… thx a lot !!

  11. Ferdinand Hájek schreef:

    SONG 1:07:54 ANYONE PLEASE ???

  12. Hadrian Shullai schreef:

    yes!!!! finally!!!

  13. Arthur Picerna schreef:

    dude! what comes after 31:50 ?

  14. Brett Pitman II schreef:

    name of first song?

  15. Ramzi ramzi schreef:


  16. Professional Top schreef:

    I'll never forget what young thugga told me, He said Im his best friend best freind best friend for real 😀

  17. Eniştem 1.75 boyunda yaşını hiç göstermeyen schreef:

    2:13:27 ??? please song name

  18. Jared Sheneman schreef:

    What is the song of 2:09:00?

  19. Jared Sheneman schreef:

    What is the song of 1:58:00?

  20. Jared Sheneman schreef:

    What is the song of 1:08:17

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