AFV Funny Videos Fail Compilation – The Best Videos 2017

Brand new weekly fail compilation courtesy of AFV. Featuring kids getting owned, toy car crashes, nut shots, sports fails, extreme sport gone wrong, hot girl fails, hover board fails, stupid stunts caught on tape, home video bloopers, animal attacks, reaction videos and other funny viral clips, outtakes and moments. Check out Team Internet’s Accidentally High ►

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16 Responses to AFV Funny Videos Fail Compilation – The Best Videos 2017

  1. lucio Ariel alvarez Arnold schreef:

    4:49 song? Please

  2. Nyla Star schreef:

    5:36 is my favorite part hahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahah

  3. Yamileeth Morgaan schreef:

    music 5:44?

  4. Yamileeth Morgaan schreef:

    song 4:48?

  5. Savanna Ward schreef:


  6. Megan DL schreef:

    0:35 tho,,, thats so me

  7. Mrs. Yummy Meaty yummy!! schreef:

    4:44 lol

  8. Alfred Quintanilla schreef:

    Funny at 9:35

  9. Paya Gamer schreef:


  10. Ionita Ionut schreef:

    5:00 music plssss!

  11. Shaniya Ennis schreef:

    5:36 relatable

  12. Вика Миёк schreef:

    блин. бедная бабка, или кто это там

  13. Brianna Walker schreef:

    Am i the only one to think that the guy at 8:27 cute

  14. Alex Gomez schreef:

    so funny!!!!!!!!!

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