AFV Funny Vines Fails Compilation – Best Vines 2016

by 46137

Best Fails Compilation by America’s Funniest Home Videos! Be sure to follow them on Vine @AmericasFunniest! Check out Team Internet’s Accidentally High ►

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Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest kids bloopers, reactions, fails, outtakes, clips and other funny moments caught on tape! Check out Team Internet’s The Purge: Black Friday video ►

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35 Responses to AFV Funny Vines Fails Compilation – Best Vines 2016

  1. Dante Williams schreef:

    1:57 my god tht was funny

  2. Neud Gebregziabher schreef:

    DAT VAS NOT FUNY at all

  3. გიგი უსინაშვილი schreef:

    0:1 name of song plz

  4. kanam wong schreef:


  5. giri syadono schreef:

    its so funny

  6. mohd syukri schreef:

    3:48 what song?pls

  7. cowboyfan 5467 schreef:

    subscribe to my channel

  8. You dont know me schreef:

    3:59 HE DABBED

  9. SWAG MUFFINS schreef:


  10. goku sayien gaming schreef:

    lol 7:11

  11. Jay S schreef:

    I actually did not laugh the ENTIRE time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

  12. Jacy Oliveira Junior schreef:

    qwertyuiopas dfgjhklzx cvbnm

  13. Manuel Moreno schreef:


  14. Diego Cortes schreef:

    4:00 the DAB!!!!!!

  15. Funny Videos On schreef:

    best 5 star

  16. IVA_ IVA schreef:

    6:41 music? 🙂

  17. PAL-TALK schreef:

    Dog licking baby's mouth isn't funny.

  18. vushan thapa schreef:

    airplane is a you are charging in your phone is fast charge

  19. Jiovanna Lockwoods schreef:

    I don't like it when parents laugh at their own kids It's not good

  20. Jiovanna Lockwoods schreef:

    Nothing is funny stupid fucking parents when you laugh at you kids falling or hitting the wall

  21. tro ll schreef:

    1:46 Strip club

  22. MeekSerenesilver schreef:

    The baby caught fire why the hell would I laugh at that?

  23. farzana atta schreef:

    some are so funny, something are so boring like if u agree

  24. Julia Corona schreef:

    i feel bad for the girl that cot fire

  25. Stumble-through Productions schreef:

    hahahahah this is hilarious

  26. toprogaming jr. schreef:

    plz sub and comment

  27. toprogaming jr. schreef:

    hi guys

  28. Xhemajl Berisha schreef:

    and bad baby

  29. Xhemajl Berisha schreef:

    is good baby

  30. Eddy Yanto schreef:


  31. Marilynn Walz schreef:

    My phone is invincible…HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU HAVE TO DROP AN IPHONE 5!!!

  32. Ugly Potato schreef:

    00:24 how the fuck is that funny a little girls hair catching on fire >:(

  33. john tiffany s schreef:


  34. 1xXGuyXx1 schreef:

    0:59 you dont mix an april fools cake, a knife and a hungry fat girl.everyone knows that.

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