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20th Century Fox have today released two very short viral videos with Crew messages back to Earth. It would seem that these will be the first two videos of many which will be released over the next week or so.

Like the style of the other teasers such as the Take me home video, these virals are interjected with different teaser clips that are only shown for a matter of seconds. This time we get a first person perspective through the cameras that are attached the crew’s backpack.

In the first video transmission, we see Daniels sending a short message back to her father on Earth.

The second transmission from Oram, is a message to his family, and sounding quite biblical her says; “The majesty of creation lies before us now, ours to discover, we shall behold wonders heretofore unimagined.”

Let me know what you think of the new videos in the comments section, and what it might mean for the new Alien: Covenant movie next month.

Alien: Covenant – In Theaters – May 19, 2017

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15 Responses to Alien: Covenant | NEW Crew Messages – Viral Videos | Breakdown | Daniels and Oram | 20th Century Fox

  1. Deadpool3203 schreef:

    Ridley Scott is not opposed to digitally de-aging Sigourney Weaver for future Alien movies… so, there IS a chance sequels to Aliens might still happen

  2. KhukuriGod schreef:

    Dr. Shaw'd better be alive and preferably be in the next movie too. I'd hate the idea that I wasted 2 hours on a senseless movie like Prometheus just to watch its protagonist die like a punk.

  3. Don Wax schreef:

    David most definitely screwed Shaw no Vaseline

  4. TheRubberStudiosASMR schreef:

    I think something big is planned for Alien Day on the 26th

  5. papinbala schreef:

    james franco get your fuckin sick ass off the ship you and your pussy ass blanket

  6. Michael Glenn schreef:

    Shaw is an Alien Queen now.

  7. Steven George schreef:

    If you look to the right on the daniels video,by lukes foot,are the pods that create the neomorphs

  8. rajesh dutta schreef:

    thats for sure

  9. Trim Tab schreef:

    Alien Theorist do you think we will ever see Ripley again?

  10. Wayne R schreef:

    the actress who plays Daniels does an incredible job of conveying a look of horror and fear,,, that's acting

  11. Greg NYC schreef:

    I would watch April 26th as that is alien day for a final trailer

  12. 50 Shades Of Mario schreef:

    James Frankco is the 1st to be killed off

  13. Alex Langeland schreef:

    I think James Franco may be a big surprise since we don't see much of him. We know he is sick but he must have a role in this story, plus he is probably the biggest name actor besides Fassbender in this. I am gonna guess perhaps Franco survives on the ship? I see David being the only survivor in this with Franco perhaps asleep on the ship which by the end David will use to move fwd in the series. Let's all remember there is most probably 2 more films til we get to the 1979 Alien story.

  14. Ste Sherris schreef:

    hey a.t super quick upload there well done with such an informative video in such a small amount of time. 3:22 do u think that could be a door just slightly opening with maybe a hand of sorts coming out i cant be quite sure, on the trailer there is a wider shot than here.

  15. Charlie Peake schreef:

    dude I saw these half hour ago while I was outside smoking so many cool things about these videos I wonder if any of these videos will be transmitted to 'THE COMPANY'

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