All Sports Golf Battle | Dude Perfect

Golf… minus the golf.
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Comment “purple hoser all the way”

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20 Responses to All Sports Golf Battle | Dude Perfect

  1. Donald Duck schreef:

    5k people can't play sports…

  2. Mikey C schreef:

    i wanted ty to win

  3. Delilah K schreef:

    what are going to do for easter

  4. Ali Arar schreef:

    Jeez! when was the last time garret won a battle!

  5. K and J productions schreef:

    I will hunt the 5k people who disliked this

  6. Evan Yarc schreef:

    All sports they forgot ping pong,eight ball pool,hunting,fishing,and basketball

  7. cigarsnbeer22 schreef:

    Where is the second annual? It's already almost time for the third annual and no second yet!

  8. manuela bemelen schreef:


  9. Julian THE BOSSES OF GAMING schreef:


  10. Rohan Ari schreef:

    2:162:18 if you care like

  11. Dylan Balch schreef:

    The days when Ty didn't win every battle

  12. Clashaholic schreef:

    Wish they did this again I rewatch it all the time

  13. TAIKILY Random schreef:

    Go purple hoser!

  14. Carlo Paulo L. Baluyut schreef:

    Make a second one!!!

  15. killer kitty101 schreef:

    He said the 2 players with the lowest scores move on to the finals shouldn't it be the 2 players with the highest scores that move to the finals: Like if you agree

  16. Larry Diamond schreef:

    play pokemon go battle.

  17. Kyle Schultz schreef:

    Is it just me, or does Ty almost always say "We are Dude Perfect"?

  18. Benjamin Pousak schreef:

    Garret even had a bad kick in beginning

  19. Abbi Rusten schreef:

    Who's watching in 2017 i am

  20. Abbi Rusten schreef:


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