ASMR Bloopers and Video Outtakes.

I figured I would give you guys a glimpse of all of the ridiculousness that takes place with every video attempt I do.
Yes. I make really weird faces. I hope you can accept this. Also, I curse like a sailor. For this, I apologize but I will continue to do this outside of my the unicorn life. I can’t help it. I am part human after all.

Thank you for the positive feedback. You are appreciated. You are loved. 😀


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31 Responses to ASMR Bloopers and Video Outtakes.

  1. Erica Jaramillo schreef:

    You're too adorable I can't handle it lol. (: ❤

  2. INKDOG schreef:


  3. Rainbow schreef:

    her laugh/smile is contagious

  4. Dark Seraphim schreef:

    OMG the sound you make with your mouth at 3:06…. so freaking creepy and hilarious, it was like, "Hi, I'm your drunk creepy stalker that's tryin' to make out with you and I'm going to burp-squeak loudly in your ear…"

  5. Cindy Robertson schreef:

    Love the cop cars in the background…hahaha!!! and the snoring dog!! Awww so sweet!!! All the cops are coming!!! lols!!!

  6. _Drehl schreef:

    4:45 i have that bowl too

  7. Brandon wojtowicz schreef:

    I kind of like these people better when they show their real personality

  8. Hannah Grace schreef:

    You're hilarious Ashlie I love you're videos they help me so much to sleep. Also I love your dog lol

  9. T&P 4 ever schreef:

    Whispers Unicorn to the rescue!

  10. Emma schreef:

    the dog snoring got me hahahah

  11. Mandy kys schreef:

    OMG that shirt at 4:55 i have the exact one, although im not sure when and where i bought it lmao

  12. Ron schreef:

    3:05 make me laugh so hard I accidentally spit my water out XD

  13. Bufty Fufties schreef:


  14. Zac Morris schreef:

    billion vast recommendation ah swallow two location

  15. D T schreef:

    Everything like that, don't ya know aiye?
    Everything like that…

  16. 777scubadiver schreef:

    "and everything like that"…10 times. Yep, that should be everything just like that.

  17. JD929 schreef:

    3:55 Is that the same person who made all the Star Wars references in another forecast?

  18. rgtf4e3t34zht423hz34h schreef:

    who is the girl in 4 20

  19. Xavier Walton schreef:

    3:45 how was that a blooper she did amazing

  20. Dakota Wilson schreef:

    the lady from the snoop dawg story suffered a stroke late last year, but she's okay, she does so much for the community, it hit the northern region of Kentucky around Louisville pretty hard.

  21. RawhideProductions1 schreef:

    8:44 look at those ears!

  22. GippyHappy schreef:

    3:50 you have no idea how long it took me to figure out what was going on

  23. Malcolm Dale schreef:

    At least "and everything like that" makes a change from "you know what I'm saying."

  24. Lina Moulin schreef:

    survive law remote summer leap load radical regardless.

  25. Devin Tariel schreef:

    The first one when that vtec kicks in yo

  26. Victor Kunchev schreef:

    Charlies is savage and everything like that.

  27. cletus brawford schreef:

    that mullet sucked ass

  28. Jacob Straut schreef:

    Oh my God! That first one is Alex Savage from KTVU 2! I didn't know he almost died.

  29. bot i am not schreef:

    5:42 man he wad listening to some tribe called quest

  30. DarkKnightDelta schreef:

    I'm not sure that one at the beginning qualifies as a "blooper". And darn it why at 4:42 didn't that woman just take off her clothes?

  31. Adam Harper schreef:

    nothing is funny. morons

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