Astronomers discover 7 Earth-sized planets – BBC News

Astronomers have discovered seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a single star – a record number.

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18 Responses to Astronomers discover 7 Earth-sized planets – BBC News

  1. Jace Skylar schreef:

    im just goin to say Subhanallah

  2. Kunal Sharma schreef:

    Seven wonders of the Universe

  3. louie tuliao schreef:

    It's a great discovery, but it don't really matter much. How are we gonna get there when we can't even travel outside our solar system.

  4. pablo9364 schreef:

    FAke news channel .

  5. leslieann mcintosh schreef:

    It would be cool if life from that planet discovered us as well

  6. david jacobs schreef:


  7. Aaron Hibberd schreef:

    Well if we can get Matt Damon to Mars then we are not far off right??….

  8. S L schreef:


  9. Miles Kenney schreef:

    why does everybody feel the need to bash on religion in this comment section? can we all just keep our beliefs to ourselves (atheist or religious) and just enjoy an amazing discovery?

  10. Ayisha Alamin schreef:

    Some times I feel like they take every single discovery from Islam quran I mean everything! for those who says keep your religion to yourself I suggest you read a book called (quran and since

  11. Mr Stories schreef:


  12. Ayisha Alamin schreef:

    as a Muslim I knew this since I was 7 years old because it is in the quran it says worship he who created seven earth and seven heaven.

  13. ikingalx777 schreef:

    Oh, seven more planets to destroy but don't tell the humans…

  14. Stan schreef:

    This is so amazing! There has to be life on one of those planets I can feel it!

  15. Anthony Roberts schreef:

    Nasa is just another fake agency. There is no such thing as "outer space." We have never left lower earth orbit. No iss, no satellites, no moon landing, not one photograph lol. Please wake up soon you dumb sheep, before "they" enslave us all for good!

  16. 20fire7525 -.- schreef:

    I don't think planets that close together could be lived in

  17. jamie blake schreef:

    space is not infinite its really big where just really small galaxys are moving more away from each other less and less stars in the night sky we will see in the future and some places of space they could map theres just only emptyness gaps dark matter just will we cant reach the outer layers the empty space the universe is expanding into hence why they call it a universe is just a bubble of many other universes many other big bang simulations and outside of them what ever is creating them but this is all just theroy it may or may not be infinite

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