BAYWATCH “Let Me Help You!” Hilarious Scene (2017) Funny Movie HD

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Movie directed by Seth Gordon
Cast : Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Alexandra Daddario, Zac Efron
Release Date : May 19, 2017
Genre : Comedy
© 2017 – Paramount Pictures

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39 Responses to BAYWATCH “Let Me Help You!” Hilarious Scene (2017) Funny Movie HD

  1. Noamias schreef:

    I wanna see it but I'm too introverted to go the cinema but I don't wanna see it on some site because then they don't get money for seeing it

  2. ThePlebyPleb schreef:

    If that is the definition of Hilarious then I have very little hope for this film. It made me crack and smile at most.

  3. Junior The Animator A.K.A Juniorgamer One schreef:

    0:40 Really Cracked Me Up!

  4. Polir Didit schreef:

    I got a boner too

  5. Gyor Gyor schreef:

    The part where she says he won't stop staring at my boobs, not in the actually in the movie.

    She does catch him staring at her boobs., but its a shorter scene. she bounce her titties in it.

  6. William Zhao schreef:

    let me guess tranny and gay men…only in hollywood

  7. Erik Garcia schreef:

    Very very lucky. hahahaha!!!!

  8. Brian Mahoney schreef:

    Beef and Biscuits. lol

  9. I'm an Idiot schreef:

    I liked it a lot, but it was a little stupid at some points.

  10. Jon Lenin schreef:

    wtf is this crap?

  11. ayetomhere schreef:

    the chicks in this movie aren't even great to be honest, also shit movie

  12. Adam Day Day schreef:

    is it possible for the rock NOT to be awesome?

  13. Noelia Noliz schreef:

    This is why women will continue to run the world. Men are such simple creatures, so easy to seduce.

  14. WickedSL schreef:

    that was so cringe

  15. theraven90 schreef:

    "The beef and the biscuits" hahahahah

  16. Timmi die Taube Taube schreef:

    uff sexy blonde 🙂

  17. Tom Davenport schreef:

    I don't understand why people have a problem with this movie, apart from it not being like the original Baywatch series?

  18. CTDawg Townsend schreef:

    This is one of the funniest scenes of the entire movie. This opening scene is better than 21 jump street,the dukes of hazard and the gods awful Adam Sandler film that's my boy. People who hate on this and praise 21 jump street don't know great comedy.

  19. logan castleman schreef:

    whats the song in the beginng of the movie when the rock walking on the beach

  20. Darcy Ferguson-Blouch schreef:

    do a herobrian vs white p umpkin

  21. Darcy Ferguson-Blouch schreef:

    do a herobrian vs white p umpkin

  22. Darcy Ferguson-Blouch schreef:

    do a herobrian vs white p umpkin

  23. nicola Matusik schreef:

    reindeer the red nose i FLY

  24. Bernadette Cabalbag schreef:

  25. Teresa McCutcheon schreef:

    theirs an add about you dan!

  26. vasile pavel schreef:


  27. Kawaii Unicorn schreef:

    why is the thumbnail inappropriate

  28. BeccaBesty schreef:

    Everything is cool, but the title is kinda inappropriate

  29. BeccaBesty schreef:

    Everything is cool, but the title is kinda inappropriate

  30. Ciara Norris schreef:

    He he he

  31. gamingwithultraman 1903 schreef:


  32. random Dev 100 schreef:

    not true

  33. TheDiamond Minecart jr schreef:

    Found hero Brian

  34. constance williams schreef:

    Happy birthday enjoy your day going through the morning

  35. adolf hitler schreef:

    7:27 R.I.P headphone users just dont watch that part

  36. Elizabeth Stokes schreef:


  37. Raegan Shadden schreef:

    you are mean ! he an do anything​ he wants !p.s Bitch

  38. Angie Martinez schreef:


  39. Adrian Mata schreef:

    The thumb nail is click bait

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