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Love – It’s very dangerous situations when it fails. Lovers get huge pain when they recall their memories. Some are may cry, some are may silent. But There is life after love failure.
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37 Responses to Best Fails of April 2016 | Funny Fail Compilation

  1. Myra Garcia schreef:

    19:48 The devil's spawn

  2. Eddy Sierra schreef:

    14:07 omg he landed on chair lol

  3. CC Studios schreef:

    The kid at 10:52 is like wtF

  4. Ryan Friedman schreef:

    7:03 So that's no strings attached

  5. Zack Petawabano schreef:

    4:51 DOG: Nope!

  6. kitam123 schreef:

    0:28 peace out world

  7. jan bijak schreef:

    thats not from april 2016

  8. Diamond Smile schreef:

    What did the idiot think the elephant was going to do when strolling over toward his little matchbox car while he was sitting in it? Did he think his car wasn't going to get damaged?

  9. commune ras jebel schreef:

    thank you

  10. commune ras jebel schreef:

    ozil thank you

  11. Rylee Buffington schreef:

    ws c s f dtyyyde Rd Zip w1 starving ă stamping op ac c d c c b f b f f dfr c ereeegbn

  12. J0e 75 schreef:

    9:45 my favorite

  13. chirag dhruv schreef:

    At 3:20 best scene

  14. That Løvely Killer schreef:

    dumb idiot was gonna do the pie face challenge on the dog!! use your damn brain moron that poor dog would have been so scared of that!! and you would have to clean its face after you were done shoving pie in it. forgive me it's just that I care about animals.

  15. holy swords schreef:

    shit vid

  16. Amelia Symeonides - Ridgeview PS (1509) schreef:

    the last tow are are filmed of a tv

  17. Jesus EAG schreef:

    Well this old fails

  18. Motu Patlu schreef:

    i lost myself in love

  19. rajneesh bhaskaran schreef:

    love is good for them who have it completely , people like me are born to think about the past

  20. Jesmin Aktet schreef:

    iam the failure

  21. Surendran M schreef:

    feelings dead

  22. Roja roja schreef:

    Its very pain full i cant explan know every day am crying 6 year for my love cast feeling tho vidipovalisi vasuthundhi but i steel love her

  23. Lakki Janu schreef:

    Repect one whom U LOVED…
    respect one whom LOVES U… AND
    respect UR LOVE that shows howmuch U R PERFECT…

  24. Sumit Bhatia schreef:

    Jesus set me free completely from failure in luv..I even can't recall my past memories.thanks to God of bible..

  25. vinay gairola schreef:

    nice video

  26. Anjusha Balakrishnan schreef:

    I'm not a love failure but the quotes are true

  27. Leonidas Siarmpas schreef:

    i feel like she is the best one for me but yeah we were together we had fun and then she just told me ohh i have to think if i wanna be with you or the other guy and i was like what? the last think i told her was i wont send you again till you decide no life tracks you can talk to the other guy i dont care and she response ok…………… the best think is to delete fb and messenger first days will be pain you will feel so dead so empty so lonely and you will hope she will miss you but she wont……even if she is in pain too she wont…….and if she will you will always get that fear of letting you again……

  28. Md. Abul Bashar schreef:

    walking alone its very difficult but you are the strongest person who dares to

  29. N SHAILAJA schreef:

    video starting lo play ayina music aa movie lo di chepara

  30. ammulu ammul schreef:

    I really want to give up my life, but even my mother and my grand father would die seeing me dead. couldn't live anymore

  31. Google kannaa schreef:


  32. anji j schreef:

    nenu mosapoena brother thananu marichipoleka pothuna emicheyali your solution

  33. anji j schreef:

    nenu mosapoena brother thananu marichipoleka pothuna emicheyali your solution

  34. Nusrat Zahan Liza schreef:

    i wanna forget him,but can't.

  35. ratna kumar schreef:

    I'm the failure
    Each and every second my heart is remind her. I don't know how to control my heart.

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