Best Fails of the Year 2016 (So Far) || FailArmy Fail Compilation

Holy crap 2016 is going so fast!!! We picked out the best clips from January to June and made a compilation. Thank you for all the submissions!! Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Salute!!

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Original Links:
Girl has a rough start on the track
Kid Injured Twice Riding Rope Swing
Big Guy Breaks Tire Swing
Guy’s Pants Catch Fire
Son Shoots Mom with Marshmallow device
Fisherman Falls into Water Casting Net
Bicyclists Pileup on Track
Boat Parking Catastrophe
Man Body Slams into Sand Trying to Jump in Water
Bottles Get Stuck in Soda Machine
Rope Swing Bail Fail
Guy Falls Off Camel Head First
Block Tower Falls on Kid
Little Girl Has Too Much Fun at the Dinner Table
Impatient Dog Honks for Owner
Driver Accidentally Drives into Traffic
Girl Falls off Mat after Doing High Jump
Girl Trust Falls in Wrong Direction
ATV Fail
Girl Accidentally Hurts Self while Doing Splits
Flaming Tower of Glass Falls
Kid Whacks Balancing iPad with Hockey Stick
Snowmobile Crashes on Top of Rider
Girl Crashes into Steeplechase and Falls into Water
Girl Crashes on Mountain Bike
Little Boy Wants to Pop Smoke Bubble
Cat Pushes Water Bowl
Girl Kicks Fan into Man’s Face
Motorcyclist Flies over Handlebars
Teacher Falls on Hoverboard
Warehouse Worker Slides into Chute with Keg
Motorcyclist Flies over Handlebars
lit Guy Falls Off Amsterdam Sign
Parkour Kid’s Foot Goes through Roof
Racers Faceplant at Starting Line
Man in Uniform Falls Through Ceiling
Skier Hits Tree and Crashes into Snow
Cat Falls into Cardboard Box
Guy Comically Falls while Roller Skating
Bunny Kicks Owner When She Tries to Scratch Him
Girl Slips and Falls off Dock
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16 Responses to Best Fails of the Year 2016 (So Far) || FailArmy Fail Compilation

  1. Gabi Axinte schreef:

    Link for 8:24?

  2. Aterhallsam schreef:

    I just waited for the "Thug life" glasses to drop on that bird

  3. Hardcore gamer schreef:

    8:17 wait..did he use his ipad on the toliet?? I can totally relate to that.

  4. Corvo Skate schreef:

    Who else is watching this in 2017?

  5. Minecraft _girl schreef:

    and this is for what you have 12 million.It hurts but you stupid guys dont know.

  6. 0BRAN0 schreef:

    Must be nice continuously posting the same videos and making money.

  7. Potato Salad schreef:

    2:35 Looks like the baby version of Hannah Hart 😛

  8. Urza. schreef:

    Who the fuck just stands there in the middle of everything with people boarding down a mountain though.

  9. Someoneishere 0 schreef:

    8:30 pathetic fallacy at its finest

  10. Cool Blue schreef:

    Omg the poor sheep 🙁

  11. svilerjeffory gaming schreef:

    8:27 LMAO

  12. Boston George schreef:

    4:02 Trolololo…. XDDD

  13. Mari Marishka schreef:

    12:51 this isn't funny :((

  14. Damien Bradshaw schreef:

    Omg the bird. I'm in stitches right now.

  15. KingOfBehfist la c'hraela schreef:

    that bird made my day
    he came from a completely different place

  16. KingOfBehfist la c'hraela schreef:

    the kid with the hockey stick wrekt the guy so bad

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