Best Funny Videos

Best Funny Videos

2011 Funny Videos.I’m sorry that i post it too late.


16 Responses to Best Funny Videos

  1. Harry Grey schreef:

    Most of them r not funny at all. I wish U to get in such n accident as those people did.

  2. Wait Sullivan schreef:

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  3. Xx 47 schreef:

    Yu skankey bitch it's not funey

  4. Flicks YTC schreef:

    6:25 not an accident

  5. Arish Zed schreef:

    the only sensible one was the bear

  6. DB Keyy schreef:

    DAMN! 4:48 one hit and he is fuckt!

  7. Karolina Reslova schreef:

    hostí gryzly!

  8. Gin Bulag schreef:

    i laughed bike one the fence stopped and tehy all fell

  9. Adrian Halimi schreef:

    Haha God Video

  10. William Gee schreef:

    oooo piece of candy.

  11. bnt leh schreef:

    my heart almost stopped, what was even funny about all this?!

  12. TheNew52 schreef:

    Who is singing at the end

  13. Sujata Khatri schreef:

    haw 2 . 45

  14. François-Xavier Gay schreef:

    Génial !

  15. Alexsndra Boyden schreef:

    hey that guy getting hit vying a car was FUNNY

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