Best News Bloopers 2015

Most amazing funny moments of bloopers, fails, and interviews from live TV that hit the internet in 2015.

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Just some of my favorite bloopers from Seasons 1-7 of Parks and Recreation. I know there’s a lot of great stuff missing, but I didn’t want to make this video too long. Enjoy!

Let me know in the comments what other compilations you want to see!

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34 Responses to Best News Bloopers 2015

  1. Meek Source schreef:

    lol, the girls' faces as 1:11

  2. HelenaVanCity schreef:

    Crystal meth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say no to drugs, darling! LMFAO

  3. Revolutionary Gaming schreef:


  4. SuperGalaxyMedia schreef:

    7:18 O.O

  5. Frederick schreef:

    11:08 that product placement is about as subtle as a stick of dynamite

  6. Nikhil Verma schreef:

    4:10 is he Joe Root?

  7. Todd schreef:

    "Do you make koolaide?" wtf

  8. The White Man schreef:

    Recklessfromtheblock stole this video. It is the exact same

  9. Draconic Blaze schreef:

    Personally cunt

  10. Holepupp12 schreef:

    The weather reporter playing with his dog was awesome.

  11. Nuclearsheep 53 schreef:

    Not enough sex.

  12. Angelica Leconte schreef:

    3:23 exposed, EXPOSED!

  13. Emmia B schreef:

    The kid crying has me cracking up every single time….its at that very moment it sinks in that his mom actually won't be with him at school….lmao…awwww!!!!

  14. AquaMeow schreef:

    4:34 What the actual fuck is that?

  15. Borris Müller schreef:


  16. charlie prescott schreef:

    2:31 felt so bad for that guy. That chick could have let it go and that ass was a douche.

  17. Bata Tibix schreef:

    the bugler really got me of

  18. Mau Ferrusca schreef:

    My gonads dangle in the water. 😀

  19. lin lovejenaniston schreef:

    chris pratt is da best. His bloopers omg killed me the improv game so so strong. hahaha i miss park and rec awww

  20. Watchdog Goon schreef:

    Achjed Jimininidad?
    Owner of the Jimsdale Jimmidome?

  21. Valeria Carmona schreef:

    This is gold

  22. Christopher Chan schreef:

    Ben: "Why is it called Insert?"
    Dennis Feinstein: "Oh, because it's been in someone."
    Ben: "Awww'kkk." Hilarious Ben face.
    Room dies in laughter as Aziz howls.

  23. Dan Agin schreef:

    This makes view the show very differently.

  24. RC 83 schreef:

    "What if I flush em on accident?" Still makes me cry with laughter

  25. lakkakka schreef:

    Ik ben verliefd does not translate to we are getting married, it translates to I am in love.

  26. mangolollipop schreef:

    My favourite bloopers are actually the ones with Chris Pratt and the "dude is she going to powder her vagina??" scene

  27. Darci Doof schreef:

    Chris Pratt is too amazing

  28. Kelsey Jean schreef:

    "You gonna put 'em on your feet?" about the skates… Oh my GOD!!

  29. hallyuhannah schreef:

    this made my day

  30. Daniel Roberts schreef:

    "When I sit down to do my dirty business my gonads hangle in the water."

  31. Mimosa Amelia schreef:

    The light switch one just cracks me up. Not only does Chris destroy that, but he takes the computer out as well XD

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