Best News Bloopers (Funny Shape Bloopers) Compilation

Bloopers of funny shapes Best News Bloopers compilation.

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17 Responses to Best News Bloopers (Funny Shape Bloopers) Compilation

  1. RurouniStarchild schreef:

    ok, people, we get it, we got boned by mother nature

  2. wiilover07 schreef:

    Why are dicks so popular to draw and not tits?

  3. Adam - Smasher schreef:

    3:30 the Bowling Green Massacre? It was a penis.

  4. MrTryingtobehappy schreef:

    Dicks everywhere

  5. Danil Arhipov schreef:


  6. Zizfotsys schreef:

    what am I doing with my life

  7. Brown Wolf schreef:

    I can see the last weather font is really pounding the east coast.

  8. fattybumastic schreef:

    I'm not gonna spend 10 minutes of my life watching Ducks being drawn

  9. No Name schreef:

    whats with all the dicks??

  10. kotosqopos schreef:

    I am so proud of being able to see all the penises.

  11. babybabs77 schreef:

    Too funny lol

  12. Ozymandias schreef:

    The kid from Super Bad would be proud.

  13. ten tor schreef:

    4:41 want to play with my Willy sphere?

  14. Varun Hans schreef:

    My favorite is at 7:00

  15. Dillon Burns schreef:

    Dick Shaped*

  16. Eric Arther schreef:

    "Funny Shape"

  17. Hitler did 9/11 schreef:

    1:30 is literally just a fucking oval. Whoever recorded that just has a dirty mind.

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