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20 Responses to BEST NEWS BLOOPERS JULY 2016!

  1. Tyson Turley schreef:

    stupid Russians

  2. Mortimer Snerd schreef:

    Ludvig von Blackthoven?

  3. Matt Osborn schreef:

    1:20 so cool! The fact she didn't even notice is even better.

  4. LEEZY EE schreef:

    that Lady in the stripes was FIRE tho

  5. Druid Games schreef:

  6. mitchzsoul schreef:

    Love James ❤

  7. jacktanapathchu schreef:

    I think she is too fat so the shirt rip when she is dancing.

  8. Taylor Myatt schreef:

    1:43 had me dead lol

  9. Sloane Loves Food schreef:

    "Jiggle wiggle wiggle."

  10. Clyde Cromey schreef:

    The lady with the hand nail got exactly what she deserved.

  11. Clyde Cromey schreef:

    giggle wiggle wiggle

  12. Fun 4U Video schreef:


  13. Chinese Luigi schreef:


    Im sorry but that girl or woman is SO FUCKING UGLY.

  14. Cassandra Muzik schreef:

    no one noticed that Brian Williams said President Reagan @ 4:19

  15. Marlon Vasquez schreef:

    2:19, you can't say anything about that, because we know she has down syndrome

  16. Katelyn Lewis schreef:

    5:47 OMG I DIED!!!!!!!!!

  17. The Cartoon Nerd schreef:


  18. Mystic Kitty schreef:

    These videos just make me want to punch people

  19. TheZombiekilla2 schreef:

    1:17 I'm disappointed that she didn't notice then wave her arms

  20. TheJoker Rex schreef:

    at 1:20 whats the name of the effect

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