Best News Bloopers July – HD – Fails – FUNNY VideoS

► Best News Bloopers July – HD – Fails – FUNNY VideoS
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From cats stealing snacks out of the cabinet, cats not letting go of a loaf of bread, to cats not sharing their food, these are just a few of the greedy cats you’ll find in this greedy cats video compilation.

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Original Links:
Cat Wants Croissant
Cat Won’t Share Chips

Cats Fight Over Left Over Food
Guy Gets Swarmed by Cats

Cat Tries to Eat Woman’s Olives
Cat Latches onto Loaf of Bread
Kitty Begs for Food

Cats Ring Bell for Food
Cat Rings Bell for Snack from Tower
Cat Stealing Waffle Falls off Table
Kitten Tries to Steal Meat

Cat Steals Snacks
Cat Eats Treats off Belly

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40 Responses to Best News Bloopers July – HD – Fails – FUNNY VideoS

  1. Bunty lota videos schreef:

    hahaha good

  2. WASSUP:) schreef:

    The first one had me dieing

  3. IMDARKFIRE007 schreef:

    Hillary saying she isn't well off would be like if Donald Trump said I am not egotistical.

  4. 소드락 schreef:

    존나 유쾌하네

  5. jmix6 schreef:

    That Justin Beiber refrence tho…. (slow claps) bravo…….

  6. Alie Labamba schreef:

    I have a funny video called bloopers. But its a video of my birth :/

  7. Ranger Josh schreef:

    lol 10:40 Jack Sparrow

  8. bclakersfan schreef:

    7:027:13 lol XD

  9. Collicot School schreef:

    getting in some of the titties ha

  10. Grim Reaper schreef:

    Jack Sparrow O.O

  11. Daily Anime schreef:

    fuck a random pussy XD

  12. Josh Chislett schreef:

    9:03 LOL

  13. Nick Pascale schreef:

    How are any of these clips funny?

  14. Popeye 12333 schreef:

    LOL 7:50

  15. shaherazad ali schreef:

    hahahahaa@Jack part.

  16. Immortalem Veritatis Textor schreef:

    Klutz on Ice.

    The difference between you and Laurence, Sam.. Is you're awesome.

  17. Steves Anon-Y-mous schreef:

    Hilarious Parrot Meets Cat

  18. John David's schreef:

    That's despicable. You can't lure people in with a picture of boobs and not have any boobs in the video! There's a special place in hell for people like you.

  19. Dillon Hamilton schreef:

    The lowell one about sluty snow tops it.

  20. happy girl schreef:

    no greedy, but they also want to eat human food.Actually good for cat can eat any my sister in low cat it can eat spicy food.

  21. Matthew K. schreef:

    0:32 I think that one belongs in the Greedy Human video…..

  22. cloudy schreef:

    it should be called greedy people

  23. Jasyboo Boler schreef:

    oml its so cute 1:28

  24. Baby Kitten schreef:

    Thank you for sharing this most awesome video

  25. Víctoria Davila schreef:

    Mándame Saludos me llamo yaxeni Naomi

  26. Sheikh Hassan schreef:


  27. Kitty Gurl schreef:

    0:07 thats me when i have like 5 big bags and im in really bad mood. i dont want to share. ._.

  28. Aurora Stokes schreef:

    for a movie with kittens can you do sing or moana

  29. d b123 schreef:

    hi I love your videos please can you subscribe back and check our my cat he's beautiful

  30. A Little Kitten's Duckling schreef:

    Early!!!! So so cute

  31. Iru Verchere schreef:

    poor caaaaat he is huuuuungryyyyuu

  32. twitchster77 schreef:

    Old clips much bro??
    Shitty money hungry channel is shitty.

  33. Deslukan schreef:

    1:06 cat has gorgeous eyes

  34. Silence Kutsuu schreef:

    Half the fucking video was one single clip.

  35. Youcef DeSkikda schreef:

    that lady is greedier give the cat a bite

  36. Christy Puquiz schreef:


  37. Ice Cold schreef:

    Battle Cats 😀

  38. Sweet! schreef:

    Dogs are greedy cats are just smart 😉

  39. Ionel Iulian Bucur schreef:

    its a cute video

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