Best Sports Moments

A review of the most memorable highlights and moments in sports in the year 2016 for the USA and Canada in 30 minutes.This sports recap covers all major sports in 2016 (NFL, College Football, College Basketball, NBA, College Baseball, MLB, MLS, USMNT, NHL), and prominent players such as David Johnson, Dak Prescott, Lamar Jackson, Kris Bryant, Russell Westbrook, and many more stars.

I poured countless hours compiling lists, gathering clips, and editing this massive year-long project, so I sincerely hope you enjoy! If you did, please *leave a ‘like’, subscribe, and send this video to your friends*. (I wanted to include things such as the Rio Olympics, but their videos are heavily protected by copyright) Video covers 1/1/16 – 12/25/16

1. “Like A Champion” by Danger Twins (0:00-6:37)
2. “Money And The Power” by Kid Ink (6:39-10:54)
3. “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers (10:55-14:49)
4. “Starwaves” by M83 (14:50-24:39)
5. “Chances” by Five for Fighting (24:40-30:40)

Thanks for getting this video to *1.8 MILLION* views……Greatest US Sports Moments (2010-2016):

No copyright infringement intended, I do not own the rights to any of the clips or music used. All were used under fair use. Non-profit. Happy New Year! Hope you enjoyed Alabama vs Washington and Clemson vs Ohio State! Looking forward to Bama vs Clemson 2017! Be sure to stayed tuned for my 2017-18 Pump Ups, GoDucks!
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  1. USMNTHighlights schreef:

    Not happy with the thumbnail.

  2. AJ Crawford schreef:

    Great video man, really appreciate the effort. Worth all 30 minutes

  3. Jay Caggiano schreef:

    Great Video

  4. Deign Kendall schreef:

    i think this is a good video!

  5. Ethan Balingit schreef:

    great job

  6. Sports Dude schreef:

    wow what a punch at 1:40

  7. Sports Dude schreef:

    Wow this is cool I really like

  8. Trx 1136 schreef:

    5. Cubs 2016 regular season as a whole
    4. Cubs pull off the biggest postseason comeback in 30 years vs san francisco
    3. Cubs blow out Dodgers, Cubs destroy Kershaw, Hendricks pitches a gem, cubs reach their first world series in 71 years
    2. Cubs beat the Indians, winning it all for the first time since 1908
    1." A little bouncer slowly toward Bryant, he will glove it and throw it to Rizzo… it's in time and the Chicago Cubs win the World Series" -Pat Hughes

  9. Trx 1136 schreef:

    Nice video, it gets its well deserved like

  10. Matt Simco schreef:

    Awesome video man! Really enjoyed it!

  11. HighlightHighs schreef:

    I have a few questions:1. How do you get these sports clips?2. What do you use to edit them?

  12. Piazza Delivery schreef:

    2:30 wow

  13. Future Legends schreef:

    I can't stop watching this

  14. Fallen Angel schreef:

    Holy shit what a video! Subbed :)

  15. Future Legends schreef:

    Amazing Video

  16. Future Legends schreef:

    I just watched the whole video and I had goosebumps the whole video

  17. Future Legends schreef:

    Great Video!!!!!!

  18. Alex Thro schreef:

    You make the best videos. Definitely earned a sub from me!

  19. Nolan Smith schreef:

    video sucks

  20. Zada Mccall schreef:

    who 12

  21. Bontroolll Lol schreef:

    5:39 song /remix pls

  22. Manu Manu schreef:

    song 4:20 plz

  23. Isaiah Perez schreef:

    what is the song at 2:46

  24. maritimetimes schreef:


  25. _B_O_W_E_R_ schreef:

    Apperently water bottle flipping is a sport…

  26. 27mauity schreef:

    bro i like xxxtentacions songs but idk if he would apreciet you using his songs without asking, hese a big rappers.

  27. KingKeks ™ schreef:

    Song at 4:07 ?

  28. In Play! Magazine schreef:

    ahhh, you have our Detroit Lions in there.

  29. MM1Gaming schreef:

    whats the song at 0:23

  30. joao ght3 schreef:

    song 3:27 ??

  31. Michael Burgin schreef:

    at 2:30 wut dance is dat

  32. Jonathan Rodriguez schreef:

    What song was that from the end???



  34. Bailey Shyann schreef:

    Am I the only one that thought it was not funny at all to use such a personal moment of hers to make fun of? stopped watching withing a few seconds. that was dumb

  35. Art Steel schreef:

    What's the song for the Odell one

  36. Dustin Flanagan schreef:

    randa got NTFO

  37. Batmanbeyond 0101 schreef:

    what song is 0:47

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