Bill Nye The Science Goy Rewrites History

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7 Mysteries Science CAN'T EXPLAIN

Strange & Creepy Mysteries Science Can’t Explain

Through the detection of rapid eye movement we can tell precisely when someone is dreaming, and using brain imaging technology we may even be able to view your dreams one day.

We also need to consider our definition of extra-terrestrial life, because even though NASA predicts we may find something in next two decades, it’s likely to be in the form of miniscule organisms that aren’t really capable of holding conversation.

If you’re watching this video you’re probably conscious. If someone hits you with a baseball bat you’ll be rendered temporarily unconscious. And if they hit you a few more times before burying you in a shallow grave in the woods you’ll be permanently gone from this world.

It is often said that we know more about space than we do the ocean, and whilst this is hardly something you can accurately measure it is true that we have a huge knowledge gap when it comes to the Earth’s soggy bottom.

Ever since Pluto was given a dishonourable discharge for being too small and puny you may think the answer to this is simple, eight. Or seven if you believe the conspiracy that Venus is a secret fiery death star waiting to annihilate us all.

Unless you’re a certifiable moron you know that to make a bicycle go forward you get on it and pedal real hard, but in terms of the actual physics involved in making a bicycle stay upright, scientific opinion seems to disagree with itself with every passing week.

Do you know your own blood type? If not there’s a very easy way you can find out. Simply extract two litres of blood, walk to your nearest Starbucks, drink the blood in front of the barista, and when you wake up in the hospital just ask the nurse.
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40 Responses to Bill Nye The Science Goy Rewrites History

  1. Super Fantastic Poplang schreef:


  2. Party Sample schreef:

    I can't wait for the gender bullshit to be over. they need find something else to bitch about.

  3. richard downs schreef:

    love your shows keep it up man

  4. MotherLand17 schreef:

    if black people think it's that horrible to be in the USA, show them what Africa is like right now so that they can be thankful being slaves.

  5. popstarprincess123 schreef:

    Girl is cute 🙂

  6. tyler strobl schreef:

    social justice is bad for business, soon Netflix will realize that.

  7. Afro San schreef:


  8. moonshock schreef:

    STOP saying "African American" for fuck's sake!! Unless a person holds citizenship in both an African country and an American country, they are NOT African American. We're all just fucking Americans if you live in the USA. Fuck your stupid ass politically correct idealisms! All they do is separate us further apart. Accept the reality that you're the same as everyone else and deal with it. There are a hell of a lot worse things that can happen to you than to get your knickers in a twist over some stupid ass PC title.

  9. chasem007ify schreef:

    If slavery were economical, it would still be common place

  10. Nadine Barf Salamandruid schreef:

    you're getting more and more humorous. This is probably your best vid yet. I think I laughed through that whole intro and most of the end of the video. keep it up no bs!

  11. אשר צימרמן schreef:

    Dude, I thought you were cooler than buying into zionist conspiracies.

  12. CH8246 schreef:

    do you think that bill could come back and actually be decent again….nah, he's burning his career

  13. Shaun White schreef:


  14. Carlos Danger schreef:

    Never forget the 6 gorillion genders, goy!

  15. Dragon Xero schreef:

    By the way, it should be noted that there are absolutely only two sexes, and since gender is based on sex, there are only two genders. You can be male, female, in between (androgynous, sharing traits from both) or I guess "agender"? I mean, you're still going to have some masculine or feminine traits, so it's pretty much impossible to be agender.

    Some point out the abnormal chromosome pairings. First they may throw out XXY, Klinefelter's Syndrome. That's still a boy. Same goes for XYY. People with Down syndrome aren't a new gender. They're still either boys or girls.

    Two sexes. Two genders. Live with it, snowflakes. Call yourselves third-gender-kin or some shit, but don't try bringing in some kind of American-Indian spirit shit to "prove" something. That's spiritual and I'm sure if they looked into it with a skeptical mind, they'd find that those "genders" have nothing to do with actual gender, and everything to do with archetypes.

  16. Donovan Miller schreef:

    8 years of Obama. nuf said.

  17. GermthaVicious schreef:

    Holy fucking cringe that intro

  18. DoverGuy12 - schreef:

    $5 if I were to say I want to be classified as a lamp, the sjws would say to let em be a lamp if he feels like that's his gender

  19. Meta tron schreef:

    Cultural Judaism is destroying the west.

  20. Darth Sidious, Sheev Palpatine schreef:

    like for the 1984 reference, nice to see someone else is well read

  21. babyrazor schreef:

    Back in 1951 they came out with a movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still"a space man movie. Every Saturday morning my brother and I would watch cartoons and inevitably after the cartoons they would show a movie and more often then not it was that movie. Now in the movie there is a scene where the spaceman walks into the scientists laboratory and there on a large black board with this huge mathematical equation. Its got all the scientific symbols and lots of numbers, it's huge. Well the spaceman looks at it, erases part of it and puts in his equations "there, that's the right answer"'s the secret to the universe! I was hooked! Every time I saw the movie I would copy part of the equation on a piece of paper, after all, IT WAS THE SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE!!! fifth grade, Miss Kulla's class, I'm like what 9?..10?… I'm not paying attention and on a piece of paper I'm writing part of that equation that I memorized. In walks the principle, just checking out the class and he sees me just doodling. He walks over to me and asks "Let me see that." well it's fifth grade and he expects to pick up a note that says something like "Judy has Cooties'. Instead he opens the paper and there is a physics equation for the secret of the universe, IN FIFTH GRADE! He walks up to miss Kulla and I see them talking and he's pointing to me. Boy I'm in trouble now, they'll probably call my mom, mom will tell dad..oh man, not good. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the note and shows it to Miss Kulla. She does this, she looks at the note, looks at me, and drops her jaw. The next day I return to her class and they have moved my deck from the back of the room to right next to the teachers desk. Because she's got a kid that's going right from 5th grade to M.I.T. At first I was worried being right under the teachers nose but I soon found out it had it's advantages. Because from my new vantage point I could see right into her blouse. So ever since then I've been fascinated by science…you never know where exploration will take you.

    P.S. You would think they would have asked me what the equation was, but they never did.

  22. Mr Mayor schreef:


  23. tony tony schreef:

    Absolutely ocean is the most interesting part I do believe there is some type a different life in deep. I also believe a mermaids that's not like an Disney mermaid like some type of human genetic fish.

  24. J S D D schreef:

    why do I have deja vu every once in a while?

  25. B Blessed schreef:

    I subscribed long ago this channel an narrative intelligencecomic balance … nwice

  26. Eliseo Martinez schreef:

    Why do people rush to the comments section on youtube, as soon as the video starts?

  27. Kenji Parilla schreef:

    like…duhh…we are not definitely alone in the universe… it's so vast… there are signs o
    f life out there somewhere…

  28. Anthony Richtofen schreef:

    No.8 why my peener is so small

  29. Carmichael Stephone schreef:

    i love this info

  30. Adam Looze schreef:

    Pluto was not booted because it is too small. Pluto has an orbit that brings it within, and outside of the Kuiper belt. When Pluto is outside of the Kuiper belt, it is not considered a planet. But, when Pluto is within the Kuiper belt, it is considered a planet.

  31. Nicole schreef:

    once i had a dream once.The moon turned blood red.the clouds were also turning red. the ocean was covering everything there was of land like a tsunami. the ground was splitting in half. earthquakes and heavy rain with thunder. There was heavy wind. Then on top of the clouds some angels were coming with gold trumpets. While all this was happening a huge liquid red dragon was breathing fire and walking around the ground smashing everything on its way. then by the dragon angels with dark clothing where fighting the good angels. there was also a big angel which seemed to be the leader opening the clouds in the sky. was looking at the sky horrified and running from the chaos, it was a scary scenario. i was staring at the sky and observing everything then soon realized i wanted to just die with my family and ran to find them. it felt so real i was terrified. after that dream someone told me this was in the bible. thats pretty crazy.

  32. The Sqoou schreef:

    What you said at 5:23 does a disservice to our collective humanity for a cheap gag on the Internet. Pluto was promoted. The new definition of Plutoid describe an entire classification of planetary bodies. If you were to call it that, Texas could succeed and declare itself a planet…

  33. CallMeAidan schreef:

    How come all these lame top ten channels are being ran by robots?

  34. Crazy Developer schreef:

    Lol fucking love this channel xD

  35. Heaven's Shepherd schreef:

    I Have a dream!!! That white people and black people, and even asian people, stop being wierdos.

  36. Heaven's Shepherd schreef:

    I Have a dream!!! That white people and black people, and even asian people, stop being wierdos.

  37. Micah elaciah schreef:

    when you dream it's just different realitys of you

  38. Phantom Wind schreef:

    Humans are (mostly) stupid and conceited creatures, taking even as a possibility that they are alone in the universe… well, some of them think America means U.S.A., that's simply pitiful and retrograde.

  39. Tiffany Evans schreef:


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