Here are all of the bloopers from all of the videos that we filmed this past year… Well, all the bloopers that we could show.. there are def more but we probably shouldn’t upload those hahahah.


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14 Responses to BLOOPERS 2016 !

  1. heyitsanshi schreef:

    I still find this video funny even though I've watched it like over 30 times already!!!

  2. I. FoxyGray .I schreef:

    Try going through this video without smiling

  3. 13din schreef:

    Can't wait for the 2017 one

  4. Jadyn Terry schreef:

    can i get some likes because i got my first boyfriend today

  5. UnknownFanGirl schreef:


  6. Varya Neyman schreef:

    That beginning thought

  7. kanisha veer schreef:

    you guys are awesome its second time im watching this video i love you guys

  8. DT4leaf schreef:

    I came here to see the clip of Grayson trying to dance in the diss video haha

  9. Elisa Flores schreef:

    What's the name of this song? 4:08

  10. Vanessa Mcdonald schreef:

    Grayson is better☺

  11. Harambe schreef:

    " I don't speak english" BRUH YOU JUST SPOKE IT LOLOLOLOL

  12. Brianna Fahey schreef:

    there so cute

  13. Ela Oltulu schreef:

    1:45 why i laughed so much to gray

  14. I am Tam schreef:

    plz name the song that they put at the end of their videos

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