Boys vs Girls Song from Pop Music High Summer Camp Series. Totally TV

Pop Music High Boys vs Girls Music Video for Kids Summer Song with Fun Summer Games.

Get ready for an epic battle of the sexes as the students from Pop Music High compete to see who’s better, girls vs boys. Camp Hockaloogee is full of fun games, music for kids, and lots of friendly competition. Boys vs Girls is the perfect summer song that will have you singing and dancing along in no time. Who do you think will win? Pop Music 2017. Featuring: Margeaux Jordan as Harper, Lindsey Jean Roetzel as Loretta, Jenn Barlow as Zina, Julin Jean as Ms. Bon-Bon, Weston Meredith as Wes, Patrick Brown as Zach, Jemma Dallender as Farrah, Albert Minero as Mr. Burger, Vivaswan Shetty as Enzo, and Blake Burt as Ace.

Special Thanks to YMCA Camp Marston in Julian California. If you ever are looking for a summer camp, you’ve gotta go – it’s amazing!

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16 Responses to Boys vs Girls Song from Pop Music High Summer Camp Series. Totally TV

  1. Totally TV schreef:

    How many times have you watched this video?

  2. Janiru Jayawardana schreef:

    the girls because they are the best

  3. G8 Teni schreef:

    Omg none are better

  4. William Ramirez schreef:


  5. Xx_NolanPlayz_xX schreef:

    I love you and love you so much

  6. chhetri Anisha schreef:


  7. Sawsan Alowaid schreef:

    girl won sorry boys

  8. tabukids schreef:

    Um 1000000000

  9. shortyrock shortyrock schreef:

    i watched 20 times

  10. Teresa Rodríguez schreef:


  11. Jeremy davis schreef:

    Girls. We're. The. Better. Sing

  12. Roy Kim schreef:


  13. Jeffrey Martin schreef:

    GIRLS WON!!!! Girls rule, boys drool!

  14. Macy Chant schreef:

    totally GIRLS WON

  15. Alondra Perez Saeteros schreef:

    Make back to school music video

  16. Julie Perkins schreef:


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