Breaking News Today , President Trump & Melania Latest News Today 5/13/17 ,White House news ,

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Breaking News Today , President Trump & Melania Latest News Today 5/13/17 ,White House news ,
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Today : Saturday : May 13 2017 – (5/13/2017) – 5/13/17
– May 13, 17 – 13/5/2017 – 13-5-17


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19 Responses to Breaking News Today , President Trump & Melania Latest News Today 5/13/17 ,White House news ,

  1. kelly smith schreef:

    FINALLY, a breath of fresh air after DROWNING for 20 Years of a GLOBAL TAKOVER OF AMERICA'S GOVERNMENT!

  2. kelly smith schreef:

    Hillary is the DEVIL and MELANIA represents the true light of our great COUNTRY. Amazing how much LOVE and belief in GOD that OPENS the eyes of all AMERICANS

  3. kelly smith schreef:

    MELANIA would have beaten any other PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE if she had run and not Mr Trump.

  4. kelly smith schreef:

    Thank you President Trump, God bless you and God bless Melania for her amazing support! It is as GOD would ask of all Americans to be such GOOD ROLE MODELS!

  5. D Marston schreef:

    Don't believe a thing he says. His numerous lies have been documented. He's a salesman who doesn't give a hoot about you or your future. Open your eyes and ears and look at the facts. We're all in trouble if we're not part of the 1% he represents.

  6. Father Mother schreef:

    especially Wendi
    what u mean iss '-'
    give h

  7. sharon lyn jones schreef:

    he is such a faker…

  8. dee schreef:

    Melania appears to be such a gracious, kind and intelligent lady. Trump chose well!

  9. dee schreef:

    Trump is such a nice, polite, genuine man. When did his predecessors ever thank and congratulate people like he does all the time? Good for him! He most certainly doesn't deserve all the criticism and trumped-up ('scuse pun!) lies perpetrated by the evil, satanic-worshipping Democrats to discredit him because he's draining the Swamp and targeting THEM!

  10. Connie Kimble schreef:

    This nation is NOT getting stronger everyday. Ask him how his program are screwing over the veterans. He is NOT working for vet benefits. They are being denied now because of him. DO YOUR RESEARCH

  11. Daughter OfHeaven schreef:

    Stay strong president Donald.J . Trump and stay in prayer for God has choosen you to bless America and the darkside elite are fighting bad look what they did to J.F.K … God IS with you …God bless America and her ppl from Scotland .

  12. Until Friday schreef:

    stay strong and healthy Mr. President and the first lady. let haters hate because they are losers.

  13. Tip Killingsworth schreef:

    It's great to hear a President and First Lady be SO thankful. Self absorbed people like the Obama's were never especially grateful ESPECIALLY to our military. The Trump's are a breath of fresh air in the DC orbit.

  14. Jami B schreef:

    Melania has truly sacrificed the most for our country. No other first lady, or unintentional politician, has ever sacrificed her marriage (she knew his commitment to the country would be 24/7), her privacy, her formerly quiet life, her security, the security of her children, and her own once content lifestyle. Keep loving melania, and thank you.

  15. Norma Johnson Pavlu schreef:

    How about inviting all the Democrats or former (never again,) Democrat who supported or voted for you and still keep you in their prayers. Many of us could not have the means to afford to make the trip, but perhaps you could acknowledge our continued support of you & repulsion at those who plan to do you or your family harm by any means. I'm so thankful to God and proud of what all you have already accomplished. I'm 75, and have never read your book, Art of the Deal, but loved reading books by Norman V. Peale & am glad also that you had the opportunity to personally attend his services. May you keep under the shelter of The Almighty's wings. My daughter & the man she was engaged to marry [they were married Oct 8, 2017] made sure I got to see you (along with them,) when you came to Austin, Texas. I've never stood up for any other Republican since I went to hear a GOP candidate speak, along with some of my Republican friends. I remained seated in the front row while the rest stood to applaud him. So know, you are the only Republican I have ever stood up to show that I honored you & appreciate your compassion for we the people and your love for our nation's survival under God. Thank you, so very much. May your wife and young son be blessed & enjoy their time with you in the White House. So again, God bless each of you.

  16. Marina Knife schreef:

    What a charming and obviously personally sincere insightful speech FLOTUS made.

  17. Johnnie F. schreef:

    I stand behind you Mr. President and your lovely wife Melania and First Family! Peace!

  18. TheDavenator7 schreef:

    Tell the world how depleted our military is dumb dumb.

  19. George Mason schreef:

    Thank you and your family

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