Bruno Oro – Casimiro en el desfile 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

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Bruno Oro – Casimiro en el desfile 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

El modelo Casimiro va al Teatre Nacional a ver el desfile de Miquel Suay en 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. Entrevista a los actores Roger Casamajor y Dafnis Balduz.


Realizado por Elisenda Gorgues
Guión y música Bruno Oro

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30 Responses to Bruno Oro – Casimiro en el desfile 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

  1. ScaurT schreef:

    gelooosssoooooooooooooooooooooooo :)

  2. Selrack - schreef:

    10/10 !

  3. Jordi Maeso schreef:

    dels millors!!!!

  4. Ignasi Solà Junquera schreef:

    jajajajajajajaja safe the pollins safe the tors safe the torers

  5. Javier Pérez Ramírez schreef:

    ¿Para cuándo Jacobo en Bicing Pt.2?

  6. TheHunger23 schreef:

    Puto amo casimiro!!

  7. ¿Who is Berta? schreef:

    Em van encantar els premis gaudí. Ets el meu ídol

  8. Marc Macia Grau schreef:


  9. em hommie schreef:

    eres un grande xd

  10. Sweet Verde schreef:

    Eres un puto genio, no pares nunca, gracias.

  11. Bel Tuypens Pellise schreef:

    ets un crack❤❤

  12. dominateaz domination schreef:

    can everyone subscribe to me please

  13. Noble Ws schreef:

    Why do most look like men


    How to write #OWNED BY-BelieveSAS managed this title , Please tell me. I don,t know how to write it.

  15. 林青 schreef:

    what's the model name in 0:35?Looking for her for a long time..

  16. irfan gaffar schreef:

    small tits

  17. Cristopher Alvarado schreef:

    give them a sandwich !

  18. Billy Smith schreef:


  19. Knobov Sossidge schreef:

    Unhappy, unhealthy, unreal.

  20. fairyvoices schreef:

    Why are some of them look like transsexual

  21. ملاك الموسويه schreef:

    حلو جدا

  22. durkadur27 schreef:

    Chicks with dicks

  23. Binzany schreef:

    cheap 80's prom dress fabric and the majority of these girl couldn't walk they stomped like a baby garaffi

  24. Natasha Romanova schreef:

    The glass looks really hard to walk on. The models and their designer seem to be having a hard time lol

  25. Ronald Gonzales Parillo schreef:

    music????? plz

  26. With love, Stephanie Denise schreef:

    I'd like to know who owns this fashion channel, bc I'm producing a fashion show and would like my show featured.

  27. Davie Crocket schreef:

    I don't like fat chicks but these are gross as hell….no asses at tits at all.  fucking gross.

  28. Jonathan Chielens schreef:

    For all the people who disagree that these girls are too skinny. Go watch a documentary or something and in the future do some research before you say something. Cause in the modeling business these girls need to be (unhealthy) skinny it's so bad they are puking almost everyday before a shoot.

  29. fashion trends schreef:

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