Celebrities in High School

Celebrities in High School! Niki and Gabi
Celebrity Morning Routines https://youtu.be/ghebChMBp3w
Celebrities on Halloween https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGQvzX_bXa8
Celebrities have a Sleepover! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQxLZ5jROkA
Celebrity Talent Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZaHv7PDo_Y
Celebrities at Prom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZO8W97K5_A

BEHIND THE SCENES of Celebrities in High School! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF-564jBrew

This is our first Back to School 2016 video and a sequel to our video “Celebrities at Prom 2016”! YAY! This is a taylor swift spoof, selena gomez spoof, ariana grande spoof, meghan trainor spoof and more!!

Comment your fav character if ya see this:)

Taylor Swift- Niki
Ariana Grande- Gabi
Meghan Trainer- Allie Bennicas
Kylie Jenner- Dan Redle
Katy Perry- Rachel Weiss
Big Sean- Kenny Screven
Selena Gomez- Stephanie Sywensky
Kanye- Juvany Jorges
Lana Del Rey- Jesse Hixen
Coach Mendes- Collin Vogt
Miss. Anniston- Mary Baurkot

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00:26 #10. Jude Law
01:23 #9. Elizabeth Taylor
02:13 #8. Brad Pitt
03:03 #7. Charlie Sheen
03:51 #6. Kobe Bryant
04:46 #5. Ozzy Osbourne
05:45 #4. Bill Clinton
06:43 #3, #2 & #1. ????

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34 Responses to Celebrities in High School

  1. Janiyah Thomas schreef:

    Gabi AKA Arianna Granda could do a split look at her at PE streating

  2. Coolcat 26875 schreef:

    In summer time every one wishes that school will come
    And then when school starts you will wish that school did not start
    Is that you
    Like if you agree

  3. Izzy S schreef:

    the people who play selena and ariana look so real

  4. Grace Li schreef:

    Taylor's face at 2:21

  5. Jeslyn Barroso schreef:

    gabby looks like ariande grande who agrees

  6. Jane Hu schreef:

    You guys actually look like celebrities

  7. Yamile 950 schreef:

    Ariana was the best

  8. Joah Velez schreef:

    I thought it was Ariana

  9. Fantastic07 Jax schreef:


  10. Maya Hesham schreef:

    You should have added Demi Lovato as well

  11. Vanessa Clay schreef:

    Lana is me af

  12. Midnight Jauregui schreef:

    i want Halsey

  13. Mel Hewitt schreef:


  14. Nevaeh HI schreef:

    do Justin bieber to where is he

  15. Livy loves Music videos schreef:

    4:40 that is me

  16. Carolyn Cruz schreef:

    obviously watchmojo is part of the orange regime….. what about the orange piece of shit

  17. 20 Below schreef:

    How Ozzy initiates sex: "Bldasow-wellek-fooejmfk-bdbdbdbnnmxcjjuwu…fook?" What a panty-dropper.

  18. WatchMojo.com schreef:

    Help TRANSLATE this video and make it available to non-English speakers by translating the title, description or adding Subtitles/CC ! Get started here: https://goo.gl/LpdkTy

  19. WatchMojo.com schreef:

    Check out some of the works created by these celebrity cheaters!!
    Genius https://goo.gl/Eh0tvI
    The Essential Ozzy Osbourne – Ozzy Osbourne https://goo.gl/bMPzgh
    Allied https://goo.gl/bn7e88

  20. A L Grove schreef:

    Ben Affleck cheated on his wife with the nanny (and half of Hollywood) and cheated on Jennifer Lopez with strippers. He doesn't make the list?

  21. cibzinjune schreef:

    If you don't love the person you're with then you tell them that! It's just common sense! Stop being so greedy! Cheating Is such an old fashion thing to do now, It shouldn't even exist anymore lol!

  22. KnightofFunnyJunk schreef:

    I'd argue that

    Here is the thing about Casual Voters. The Black Community for a Decade called Bill a fucking Hero because he got to fuck his secretary lowkey till she blurted everything out.

    10 fucking years went by where everyone basically called this a joke

    Then accusations of Illuminati Child Sex rings started popping up and its not so funny anymore is it? Its gotten so bad Clinton is now in the same boat as Bush in names that'll never be in the office again.

  23. M Cutrone schreef:

    Nasty Asses

  24. Zoe Doll schreef:

    Why was Trump not on this list? I mean, he even did a pizza commercial with his first wife about their divorce. He publicized the whole thing.

  25. Akshay Verma schreef:

    regardless on what you say or think, but regardless Kennedy was a great president, person not so much, president yes

  26. Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman) schreef:

    Why does cheating exist. Not only is it disrespectful and awful. It's also an extreme amount of work. Before you go cheat on someone just as yourself "Is it worth it"?

  27. joseluis28ful schreef:

    So Who else did JFK cheated on?

  28. Daniel Silva schreef:

    Not surprised to see all those celebrities listed. They have or had cash, good looks and popularity.
    Read@kindle: Hardware Thieves

  29. Jorrma Ollila schreef:

    All these money hungry skanks :D

  30. izzy skyparks schreef:

    I love JFK but it breaks my heart that he did that to Jackie

  31. Susan Burris schreef:

    you have Brad. .where is Angelina? She was with someone when she hooked up with Billy Bob and Brad..Johnny Depp claimed she tried to hook up with him while with Brad. She was supposedly tried to hook up with Gerry.Butler while with someone. More than one actor has turned down a role when it meant working with her. Not a fan if Brads but don't see how he got on here and she didn't

  32. Jorge López schreef:

    I have no respect for cheaters

  33. G Robinson schreef:

    Guess they had to shoehorn a woman in to keep the illusion of being fair up.

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