Celebrities Who Passed Right In Front Of Their Fans

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar
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Top 10 famous kids who grew up to be sexy
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Child celebrities are an interesting topic in the fact that they grow up before our very eyes and are subjected to the same teasing, ridicule, and judgment that we bestow upon adult celebrities. Kids are especially fragile too, so their way of responding will dictate the rest of their lives. Sometimes they fall off of the radar as they grow up, or they stay in the celebrity scene and continue to grow and mature in the public eye. Sometimes working as a child star can be incredibly stressful and difficult at times as these kids are dealing with the hardship of not only the pressure of working on a movie, but also dealing with the pressure from the public. Some child stars take on bold roles to help them be seen as more grown up or they do rather adult things like drugs or posting scandalous images online of themselves.
Childhood was an awkward phase for most of us, with big teeth, funny looking features, and most likely an awkward personality. But the child celebrities here in this video went from drab to fab in just a few years as they grew into themselves. Lucky for them, the public has been watching the entire time and has taken notice that they are no longer that funny looking kid from that “one movie” or television show. Instead, these child stars have grown into beautiful adults that make many people question whether or not they are pedophiles because now they’re checking out the former child star in a different light.

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36 Responses to Celebrities Who Passed Right In Front Of Their Fans

  1. suzy3 schreef:

    when the title has passed in it and u think it was passed gas

  2. Ian Zenak schreef:

    Where's dimebag darrel

  3. Gazzara5 schreef:

    I'm surprised this video didn't mention comedian-actor Dick Shawn. He suffered a fatal heart attack and literally died in front of hundreds of fans during a live performance on April 17, 1987. At first, most fans thought he was pulling a gag.

  4. Madame Poovie schreef:

    That's not the body of Harvey…that's Jim Morrison of the Doors. (and he wasn't dead)

  5. troynov1965 schreef:

    Isn't that Jim Morrison at 5:48 not Les Harvey

  6. Muffin & Buttercup schreef:

    Brandon Lee didn't die in front of his fans he died while filming a movie.

  7. Zigfried Dieter schreef:

    I thought it was about passing gas "loudly" in front of their fan! How sad this turned out to be.

  8. Ross Pit: Shark Hunter schreef:

    Oh, I thought you meant passed gas… This is awkward.

  9. BSkill100 schreef:

    You were wrong about the Owen Hart death. It was a harness and he accidentally hit the release. Then the fans were told of his death and the wrestlers were given the option to perform in the remaining matches

  10. Ariel L schreef:

    honestly surprised you didn't add the magician. I can't remember his name. the the one that had a heart attack on live TV And they cut to commercial to get him off stage.

    looks it up TOMMY COOPER. that guy. it's sad. but yeah, suprised that wasn't on the list

  11. Leigh Edwards schreef:

    Scroll to 5:25 and it mentions that Les Harvey dies in Swansea, England. Just to make you aware that Swansea is in WALES (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swansea) and NOT England which is quite insulting to us WELSH, just the same as us calling a Canadian person American or vice versa!!! So to get your FACTS right I would advise you to do your research first!!!

  12. Kitten Storm schreef:


  13. hockyman555 schreef:

    Dime bag Darrel?

  14. Jake Dandy schreef:

    LOL the UNKNOWN Mitsuharu Misawa is one of the biggest legends in japanese wrestling, both under his real name and the Tiger Mask II persona…

  15. Susie Arviso schreef:

    Brandon Lee "This careless mistake ended Brandon Lee's career". CAREER?? How about his life?

  16. PuroPassion schreef:

    Mitsuharu Misawa… a relatively unknown wrestler… Moron!

  17. Day Dreamer schreef:

    There was a family of circus people where the father did tightrope walking. I don't remember the details, but one time he did a building to building rope walk. I want to say it was in Chicago, but I really can't remember too much. It was about 40 years ago. High winds knocked him off and he plunged to his death in front of a crowd

  18. Amyah Chosa schreef:

    I miss Christina

  19. Briana Trujillo schreef:

    you forgot taylor lautner

  20. Kris Romillo schreef:

    awkward awkward awkward awkward

  21. Rhea Melton schreef:

    most of them are in harryt potter my freind would go CRAZY

  22. Ali Spray schreef:

    Harry potter

  23. anna belieber schreef:

    you forgot Selena Gomez

  24. cutie patootie schreef:

    Eh, go fuck yourself

  25. EpicGamer Girl5972 schreef:

    I'm only here for Harry potter

  26. Silverstar 345 schreef:

    Why do you refer to men as "hot" and girls as a "lovely lady" I find that insulting

  27. Kitty Con88 schreef:

    2:46 she was already hot

  28. Mronyourmindagain schreef:


  29. Yocelin Delgado schreef:

    You missed fifth harmony

  30. Queen Sharenah schreef:

    I lost count on how many times the word "awkward" was mentioned in this video

  31. HR NOYON schreef:


  32. DarrenGamerTV /DGTV schreef:

    I got banned from GT :

  33. Cutenyancat123 Mew Mew! schreef:

    Omg a lot is related to Harry Potter

  34. Dave Cunningham schreef:

    …Jerry O'Connell

  35. Emma Wittman schreef:

    Abigail breslin is not hot lol

  36. Aldrin Malakar schreef:

    So the girls grew up to be "nice young lady" and the boys grown into "hot, hot, hot!?"
    Way to get shit done with sexism.

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