Chillout POP Music Best Chill 2016-2017 [HD]

Chillout POP Music Best Chill 2016-2017 [HD]

1. One Call Away – Charlie Puth
2. Style – Taylor Swift
3. Sorry – Justin Bieber
4. One Call Away – Charlie Puth
5. Lean On – Major Lazer ft. DJ Snake
6. Disclosure – Latch ft. Sam Smith
7. Sober – Childish Gambino
8. We Found Love – Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
9. What Do You Mean – Justin Bieber
10. Royalty – Alexi Blue
11. Hello – Adele
12. Flashlight – Jessie J
13. Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd
14. Hello – Adele
15. Sorry – Justin Bieber

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18 Responses to Chillout POP Music Best Chill 2016-2017 [HD]

  1. Emilio Atilano schreef:

    33 ads in a 1 hour video….

  2. Nat Ayala Cebu schreef:

    very beautiful voice

  3. Zeeros100 schreef:

    Why is there a picture of Chris Evans?

  4. Kathawoody Neko schreef:


  5. Jethro Gillgren schreef:

    does anyone know who sings the Adele hello cover, at 1:28:00 ?

  6. Liliana Muñoz schreef:


  7. aksecrets3 schreef:

    Hi there, I REALLY REALLY NEED TO KNOW who is singing the latch song????
    Thank you in advance

  8. Jordi Danen schreef:

    Why is Chris Evans on the video?. Serious who makes these dumb videos

  9. x little. sunshine x schreef:

    im just a simple girl. i see chris evans, i click.

  10. cliford pejer schreef:

    nice music love it,,,,

  11. Rhisa Lopez schreef:


  12. Tom Huntjens schreef:

    V v v. Vv. V v. V v v v v vv v v vv v v s vv. V v. V. Vv. Sv v. Vv

  13. Lora Scott schreef:

    Who sings this cover of We Found Love at 22mins?

  14. julia marin schreef:

    esta bien, pero tiene muchos comerciales

  15. Future Chill schreef:

    Epic Video man 😀 Would be glad if you check out my channel! ^^

  16. vivien lobo schreef:

    why chris evans pic?

  17. alexandre faccini schreef:


  18. Ricardo Pillajo schreef:


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