Courage of Famous Failures – Inspirational

Many people fail but not everyone tries again. Here are the stories of some legendary public figures who never gave up.

Music: “The Heart of Courage”

Philippians 4:13
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36 Responses to Courage of Famous Failures – Inspirational

  1. Migz Amante schreef:

    Me and my three friends names ourselves after The Beatless, after the Beatles. And my principal showed this in our school, and we were screaming when they showed the Beatles

  2. Alysha Boyd schreef:

    Best video on Youtube

  3. firebreathing firebreather schreef:

    thomas edison ,although a great inventor, did not invent the light bulb,Nikola Tesla did.

  4. Leah Waring schreef:

    so inspiring…bookmarked this after a presentation in school and watch it every time i doubt myself or think i can't do something

  5. Murali Krishna schreef:

    doesn't matter who you talent makes you great

  6. Ανδρέας Γεωργαλλής schreef:

    whats the soundtrack

  7. Rashmi rekha Mishra schreef:

    great video especially the background music.

  8. Bethany Stevenson schreef:

    This would be a great video but the grammar and editing of the sentences is terrible. please fix!!!

  9. Kevin Ibanez schreef:

    Steven Spielberg was rejected by the University of Southern California (USC) Film School, not the USA Film School.

  10. Bhargav Rasal schreef:


  11. Tiana Ngo schreef:

    I watched this in science class the other day.

  12. Iced Doughnut schreef:

    thank you my teacher played it in school every time I play it I think that one day I would be a good YOUTUBER no matter what my friends say for that I will SUBSCRIBE to you please do the same to me thanks

  13. Juveria Fatima schreef:

    just got tears in my eyes, hopping there will be a video on me in future. ..

  14. cheder cinnabon schreef:

    I love the music and this video it has incored myself not to give in life and told myself to keep trying in life

  15. Ricardo schreef:

    I like that verse it was the best part of the video

  16. Jane Collette schreef:

    I found these videos to be very helpful, especially for me at this point, because I have been considering giving up on school all together. But perhaps I will rethink this through a little more.

  17. CHING CHANG POTATO schreef:

    what's the song

  18. poornima s schreef:

    There will be no words to your videos it's speechless I really loved it but the only thing I didn't like is please don't bring Christ here its a motivational video please let it be like this don't enter ur caste politics here

  19. The Sceptic Tanker schreef:

    You got the music right from youtube it's dark step

  20. KAREN W schreef:

    Music is gay..

  21. Kneck Beard schreef:

    1:54 DID HE DIED?

  22. Indrid Cold schreef:

    There was a lot of stupidity in some of the demolisions. Some people were standing right next to the buildings taking pictures.

  23. Chris S schreef:

    Watch the video of the "rock," 1:201:40.  It's totally fake! Added in after the fact, if you watch it phases right through the arm of the dude in red.  That's why nobody is running to safety.

  24. Fei Nguyen schreef:

    The third one is funny cause the main part didn't fall

  25. MrDanielBoy schreef:

    He stole this from another video

  26. shop 09 schreef:

    no no wrong address! put it back up!

  27. Gerald Ellis schreef:

    yall niggaz really thiank them 9/11 jokes be funny

  28. Boris Conchita schreef:

    I know my question may sound stupid but I want to know why you need to destroy all the buildings.They represent a danger,they can collapse or they were built illegally?Because i know that when a building is bulit illegal,usually it gets destroyed.Many homeless people can live in these buildings,just believe that you can still use some of them,like the illegal buildings.

  29. Pancake schreef:

    quag quag quag

  30. Eric schreef:

    209 Little East Neck Rd.
    West Babylon, N.Y. 11704

  31. Jeffrey Harn schreef:

    The flying piece of debris in the clip at 1:20 is fake. The piece travels through the arm of the guy in the red shirt.

  32. Wes Warren schreef:

    Wow some of that debri went crazy.

  33. Allison Kelly schreef:

    Where is this music from so many people use it

  34. MxEnergyGreen schreef:

    A solid passenger plane would do a better job

  35. MxEnergyGreen schreef:

    This Video simply shows how stupid people are

  36. EX MILITARY schreef:

    the last,albania ahaaahha

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