De’Aaron Fox Puts Wheels On Display | Sport Science | ESPN

De’Aaron Fox’s acceleration in his Sport Science test proves faster than Kyrie Irving’s.

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its a 2003 lamborghini ferrari bugatti
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This is the vlog of me buying my new car which is actually a corvette. It’s a C5 corvette with cold air intake, Bilstein shocks, free flow exhaust and a suicidal driver. It’s fast. I also play Rocket League in real life in this vlog for fun I guess.
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38 Responses to De’Aaron Fox Puts Wheels On Display | Sport Science | ESPN

  1. PNG schreef:

    Should've made him finger someone to see how fast they squirted

  2. Thekingcobra 25 schreef:

    lol reaction time also does a lot

  3. The Blank Wall schreef:

    6 of 9 rounds huh?

  4. Jaden hill schreef:

    on 55 second he was about to say balls but he switched it

  5. OG MUDBONE schreef:


  6. Im Ju St Chillin schreef:

    thats amazing puts his mind right he can be super elite on defense left handed movement

  7. Sauce Wanderer schreef:

    of course De'Aaron has a faster reaction time, homie gets punched in the head for a living

  8. SimAndJamesPlayGames schreef:

    But can he dunk in armour though???

  9. Herrsellars 1904 schreef:

    sorry, but what is up with those challenges? making allen a goali was a horrible challenge….and this one? comparing who is faster but using different targets for both in a round doesn't give you any information

    the only thing that matters is the reaction-time, not the score of such a challenge….

  10. ShariqR schreef:


  11. Gabriel Zapata schreef:


  12. kenny Doherty schreef:

    why'd they do kyrie like that..

  13. Lavar Ball schreef:

    My boy is faster than u fox

  14. Reagan Oha schreef:

    these tests get stupider and stupider

  15. The UnusualJack schreef:

    TBH he is better than Lonzo

  16. Thistle Town Gang 700 schreef:

    I honestly want to pick Fox over ball but I love what ball does with the ball

  17. Trell Minter schreef:

    Lakers fuck lonzo we need him

  18. Tsukuru Tazaki schreef:

    Pause, why tf Gerald washingtons hair all the way back there like its scared of his forehead like wtf

  19. ikr dude schreef:

    Y'all ain't just gonna act like that niggas hairline 50% done loading

  20. Colby Hair schreef:

    my favorite part is how self aware he is. That is literally the reason he's my favorite youtuber.

  21. Matthew Hansen schreef:

    cause you quit rocket league can you help me cause I got scammed on Xbox by Frog Giggins can you either expose him or donate me stuff plz

  22. BigGreenBeans Beans schreef:

    We need another story time single!!!!

  23. Aaron Cates schreef:

    lol that lawn mower. What do you do a job to afford a Corvette.

  24. Distrixel schreef:

    okay what the fuck, I dreamed last night that you came back to F2

  25. Chrisso schreef:

    Add me on steam: Chrisso (I have the same logo as youtube, and I would be happy if you would subscribe too my channel

  26. felix matheis schreef:

    Look at TV Total Autoball, its literally Rocket League in Real Life xD

  27. Hauke Salmen schreef:

    Search for "TV Total Autoball" it's a tournament in Germany

  28. Korbs911 schreef:

    Neatmike – An Erotic Life Memoir

  29. Arctic Ace schreef:

    Neat mike there is a good rocket league knock off its called rocket ball

  30. Xlassicboy schreef:

    'Helen ISSUE'
    . So one day Mike wakes up he suddenly says, "OHH SHIT! I HAVENT UPLOADED A VIDEO IN A WHILE." And Helen Keller responds, "Will no shit! I thought u we're gonna keep being a fucking sellout!" Mike says,"Imma make a "New Car video. Bc that's what every YouTuber does when they haven't uploaded in a while." Then Helen Keller says,"I thought u were different from all the other YouTubers? I mean I guess ur different bc u cum in my face every night!" Then Mike says,"Imma do a brand New Car video! And imma call the car, "The Helen Keller Mobile. And imma do an ASMR video on it." Helen says,"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH U? HOW ARE U EXPECTING ME TO FUCKING HEAR THAT SHIT?!!????" Then Mike says, "THEN HOW THE FUCK HAVE U HEARD WHAT IVE BEEN SAYING FOR THE LAST 3 MINUTES??!!" Helen says," OH FUCK." IT WAS NICE KNOWING U!
    ~Mike's adopted child

  31. Jacob McMahon schreef:

    Can you hurry up and get more subscribers? You promised us nudes at one million.

  32. Felix Filson schreef:

    OHHHHHHHH it is a convertable. Than fuk all the things I just said

  33. MasterCookie123 schreef:

    "FIX YOUR SERVERS REAL LIFE!" Nah I'm done this is too good bye. most og meme you'll ever hear

  34. oHiTz schreef:

    Yo Minecraft wtf neatmike seance
    when m8

  35. Felix Filson schreef:

    two things. One: What are you going to do if it rains??? Your such a dumbass. Number two: my dreamcar is a fucking red corvette, accept mines a convertable. So fuk u. Jk i luv your dumbass fam.

  36. Sss Eeee schreef:

    I praised him in his house video, but I'll praise him again.

    Best car video I've ever seen.

    He's done it again

  37. Quad Logic schreef:

    upload more

  38. Vincetagram schreef:

    call up kro and he'll teach you how to trickshot

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