Did GST Impact Beauty and Fashion? | GST Explained

by WOWS_

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What does GST mean for us beauty and fashion enthusiasts? How does it affect the pricing on the various products and services we consume? Don’t worry, we have you covered. In our latest video, our beautiful vlogger Dhriti explains what your clothing and footwear will cost you henceforth, and if it’s still advisable to shop online using a credit card. Watch before you shop!

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13 Responses to Did GST Impact Beauty and Fashion? | GST Explained

  1. kavya anjali schreef:

    hey!! you look like sukriti kandpal

  2. Selfless Videos schreef:

    So Helpful

  3. Rohit Kajla schreef:

    hi what is your hair color name,I love it,please tell me.

  4. Jasmine Rahimuddin schreef:

    now I got to know the meaning of GST

  5. nisha jeeva schreef:

    u look cute

  6. Kakul Saxena schreef:

    shes so cute

  7. karmjit rai jaichand schreef:

    very nice….love the way u speak

  8. thankful divya schreef:

    nicely explained

  9. Disha Ramrakhiani schreef:

    simple , easy, to the point..

  10. QUOTESPEDIA. schreef:


  11. Raeesha Meer schreef:

    Awesome driti

  12. Jaya D schreef:

    shes better than jumping loveina

  13. Neha Rathi schreef:

    Hey Dhriti…you're a multi talented person.Great sense of humour …complete entertainer 🙂 Thanks for GST info as well

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