DNA : Non Stop News, July 21, 2017

DNA : Non Stop News – This segment of DNA offers you big news stories of the day. Update about America stopping Pak’s ‘anti-terror fund’ of around 2250 crore, Chinese media mentioning Sushma Swaraj as a ‘liar’, Pak’s envoy Abdul Basit meeting with Chinese ambassador and other news are featured in this segment.

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When news goes wrong.. - BBC News

A technical fault temporarily halted the BBC News at Ten, leaving presenter Huw Edwards sitting in silence in the studio.
Many people expressed alarm on social media when the “Breaking News” logo flashed up 11 times during the show.
BBC News at Six and Ten editor Paul Royall said a “technical systems crash” caused the four-minute delay.

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39 Responses to DNA : Non Stop News, July 21, 2017

  1. Waris Panaha schreef:

    I fuck all India army I fuck all India media hahaha fake news

  2. arun dsa schreef:

    This channel is my favourite channel

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  4. Newawais Userindipakstan schreef:


  5. Rahul Kumar schreef:

    sabse phele teri aise ki tesi, modi ke chamche,gooshkhor, tihari, dalal, nakli deshbhakt

  6. rak next schreef:

    I'm anath chandra das. I'm bangladeshi. zee news mobile number palace

  7. RAHUL YADAV schreef:

    Please upload all the videos of DNA on you tube plz plz plz .

  8. Deepak Kumar schreef:

    You are great sir

  9. sushanta khilai schreef:

    hm raat ki ni dekh paye hen.

  10. sushanta khilai schreef:

    please upload all videos sir. please

  11. Er.Saurabh Pratap Singh Rathod schreef:

    Good job supper excellent

  12. Ranjit Sinha schreef:

    sudhir ji best

  13. Ranjit Sinha schreef:

    sudhir ji best

  14. Anil Kumar schreef:


  15. SURJEET RAWAT schreef:

    nice news expressing style of Sudheer Ch… ry

  16. prabhakar dubey schreef:

    नरेश अग्रवाल तुम जो राज्यसभा में बोला, उससे राज्यसभा का गौरव बढ़ा है ??? शर्म आनी चाहिए, हिंदू के नाम पर कलंक हो तुम ।

  17. Rebindra Kumar schreef:

    jay modi jee .

  18. diya chatterjee schreef:

    Go to hell naresh agarwal…

  19. Rajesh Kumar schreef:

    Jay jay modi

  20. Ballin Balgruuf schreef:

    Nobody? sigh

  21. QuarantineZ schreef:

    I saw this in the gym

  22. marigold schreef:

    Why couldn't the people with him just say " you're on" I don't get it..

  23. basil fawlty schreef:

    Is the BBC still full of nonces?

  24. basil fawlty schreef:

    When news goes wrong.. Like when the BBC reported the collapse of world trade centre tower 7, a full 20 minutes before it collapsed with the building still standing there in the background..

  25. Brooklin Anderson schreef:

    It Be Like: BREAKING NEW- BREAKING NEW- BREAKING NEWS Meanwhile On BBC One: … We Are Sorry For The Break in this Programme and are Trying to correct the fault. Back To BBC News: News Starts Normally and Huw Edwards talks

  26. Reptez schreef:

    We're at the stage where memes are evolving.

  27. Your Average Person schreef:

    This is why I love BBC more than CNN.

  28. gustavo jazziano schreef:

    Sory for the view, im here for the dislike. MemeWar 2

  29. Moo Shaa schreef:

    Good meme

  30. Avenguard schreef:

    honestly same

  31. ChaosZeus999 schreef:

    "Still better than ITV" sneaky tweet there, BBC

  32. Jack Grieve schreef:

    The fact BBC posted this themselves

  33. Kim Jong Drumpf schreef:


  34. Seramic _Skeptical schreef:


  35. Eve M schreef:

    BBC is like an old person trying to speak slang

  36. Ganimete Gashi schreef:


  37. Dimi _ schreef:

    I thought he will pick his nose

  38. harleyblue999 schreef:

    Huw Edwards,the real fake perported journalist the BBC full of them notice his hands he is praying that people will find out how FAKE he is.

  39. Chris Foye schreef:

    What the 24 hour News would actually be like if they didn't have to make non issues issues to keep up ratings and sponsorship #BBC #RealNews

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