Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs

Even dogs fail. A funny compilation video of dogs failing.

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16 Responses to Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs

  1. Manchild schreef:

    23 million views and not a single patreon backer lmao

  2. LovelyPetals1 schreef:

    my dog once did a cartwheel in the air coz she was try to get a toy off me

  3. Sajirou Plays schreef:

    3:30 AM. On that place on the Internet where you watch 1 dog/cat video and later on realize you've spent the last 2 hours watching all the cat/dog videos on the internet instead of sleeping.

  4. Expand Carp schreef:

    These dogs are so funny that they need to be put down

  5. Kyoobur8000 schreef:

    0:56 that one frame ANGERY

  6. Random Plague Doctor schreef:

    I've took the excact same Screenshot, like the thumbnail

  7. Snowication Wolfpup schreef:

    R.I.P corg doggo

  8. Zach game ing Vassel schreef:

    Such sad for all

  9. Artcontestfan Artlover schreef:

    This is not funny owners just watch their dogs get hurt instead of helping them

  10. Camille 16 schreef:

    This is mean you don't know if the dogs are Hurt because the owners just laugh at them. Pore dogs

  11. Just an Animator LMP schreef:

    ok so i think i have a skilled dog and at the same time a dog that fails at being itself XDD

  12. ᒪIᒪ ᑭOTᗩTOE schreef:

    1:31, they see me Rollin, they hatin,

  13. MyNameIs Martin schreef:


  14. Wil Alco schreef:

    Thank you SOOOO MUCH!!!

  15. AwesomeEna _ schreef:

    edit: its 0:57 guys lol sry and thanks to SparkyTheFox

  16. Dogger Man schreef:

    watched it at 112k views now 23 m

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