Dolan Twins// Best Sayings #2 (Funny)

You guys requested for a part 2, so here ya go 🙂 Comment your favorite saying!!
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Thank you all for making this the best night of our lives.


Kinda Funny Live 3 happened on June 3rd, 2017 at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco California.

Hosted by: WWE Superstar Xavier Woods

Greg Miller
Tim Gettys
Nick Scarpino
Kevin Coello
Andy Cortez
Joey Noelle
Greg “Cool Greg” Gettys

Special Guests:
Kinda Hunnies’ Gia Harris, Genevieve Miller, and Paula Coello
No Clip’s Danny O’Dwyer
What’s Good Games Andrea Rene
AlfredoPlays’ Alfredo Diaz
Easy Allies’ Brandon Jones
IGN’s Fran Mirabella and Sean Finnegan
Game Attack’s Craig Skitsimas and Shaun Bolen

Comedy By: Mike Drucker

Musical Performances by:
Mega Ran
Bagpiper Fred Payne

Voice Over by: Dave Fennoy

Photography by: Sean Finnegan, Eric Petralia,

Videography by Jay Weneta, Andre, and Jonathan

Special thanks to: SisQo, Andrew W.K., Logic, Janina Gavankar, San Francisco Giant Hunter Pence, Pixel Brave, Alec Walworth, Kuro Kuma, John Dizon, Mayumi Roehm, Justin Webb, Dustin William, Erik Heitz, Paul Joyce, Andrew Francis, Mik Guevarra, Ismahawk

Directed by: Midlife Ballers’ Matt Scarpino

Edited by: Tim Gettys


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34 Responses to Dolan Twins// Best Sayings #2 (Funny)

  1. Jilian hamberg schreef:

    4:03 ethan is like okay serious now

  2. SamanthaGaming_ schreef:

    0:34 what vid was that? I wanna watch it

  3. Brooke Dolan schreef:

    "Ten and Boobies" dead once again

  4. Brooke Dolan schreef:

    "Ass-Clown" come on it just started

  5. havïee schreef:


  6. Diana Trejo schreef:

    1:12 middle finger

  7. Ellie Dolan schreef:

    This made me feel so much better- I was so worried about them over the past few days!

  8. Ariane Schmid schreef:

    I love this

  9. purple bean schreef:


  10. Lizzzia & Stuff schreef:

    "my nipples are sharp" I died

  11. Taylor Carnes schreef:

    Omg. I love this video so much! I have never laughed and smile so much!❤️

  12. Zamora Margaux schreef:

    "Mr. Ethan"

  13. MC_Q Playz schreef:

    What vid is the one when there On the boat

  14. Kinda Funny schreef:

    Some regions block the video on mobile. If you're having trouble, try desktop mode or save the video to a playlist and play it on your handy dandy PS4 YT app <3

  15. run jab schreef:

    Daaaaamn Tim. You can edit.

  16. blunt pass schreef:

    I am really glad so many people could enjoy this- but at the same time can't believe how incredibly bad this entire thing was lmao

  17. NazKidA schreef:

    i live far far away from sf.. another country actually.. and after watching this, and the previous 2.. I think i have no choice but to make a trip and watch kfl 4..

  18. Avi p schreef:

    tim u motherfucker 😉 u outdid urself again. u upped it from last year and made me cry again. if an outsider saw how much i love u guys theyd think i was brainwashed, sucks for them haha!

  19. McKenna Middlebrook schreef:

    Andy's E3 presentation was the best. So great. Keep up the amazing work boys!

  20. Phil Williams schreef:

    Felt like a religious experience!  KF crew, you are legend.

  21. John Howe schreef:

    Best KFL yet! The lineup you guys have right now is rock solid <3

  22. jasonarpin schreef:


  23. Mokoshona schreef:

    NO, you're crying…..

  24. AkiraTheGodEater schreef:


  25. anthony ayala schreef:

    Y'all I teared up three times while getting through this. I love you all!

  26. King Ceez schreef:

    Intro was fucking crazy it's super lit. Good job guys

  27. J.W.C. ComicsSanAntonio schreef:

    That was great guys.

  28. ReactioNation schreef:

    The guy who proposed hit her face at 1:21:16 lmao

  29. Matt Wiles schreef:

    So we're in a mobile-first digital world and quite clearly most people will watch YouTube on mobile, yet your biggest video of this year can't be played on mobile?

    I literally can't be bothered to open my MacBook to watch this. Most people want instant results.

    Make it work on mobile if you want more views!!!!

  30. Christian Buckley schreef:

    Fucking great job Tim, just finished watching it, All the hard work was worth it for an amazing show and love letter to the community. All around everyone brought their A game and you guys have turned 2017 from one of the hardest times in the KF community into one of the best. Keep doing what y'all are doing and know the best friends have your back, keep fucking that chicken and I hope to see you guys at Kinda Funny Live 4

  31. Arno Jacobs schreef:

    i choked up when the avengers theme played and they were all standing there, bless em

  32. TooMuchDogVids schreef:

    As someone who has been watching KF for 2 in half years now, and is not very active in the community. I love these, the way they make me feel is hard to explain, I can only dream of being able to attend one of these one day!!

  33. TheFallkan schreef:

    Undeniably Special.

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