Dumbest Internet Challenges That Went Viral

Dumbest Internet Challenges That Went Viral – Enjoy the Video
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Condom Challenge
Fire Challenge
Underboob Pen Challenge
Cinnamon Challenge
Kylie Jenner Challenge
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18 Responses to Dumbest Internet Challenges That Went Viral

  1. Rainbow Wool schreef:

    People who like the underboob pen challenge are weirdos

  2. GuardianXwolf schreef:

    2:18 the most retarded type of girls. And guys also

  3. dpfan1221 schreef:

    the under oob pen challenge….. they are not even holding a pen
    like if you noticed

  4. STAY TRUE schreef:

    egg challenge – take a dozen eggs and hard boil 11- place all 12 in a bowl – grab camera

  5. Captain Awesome schreef:

    Yea at the 5:18

  6. FlawlessPiner schreef:

    fire challenge are you f*cking kidding me

  7. Freddy Fazbear schreef:

    The underboob pen one got me a boner

  8. sunwolfyvan schreef:

    the pen challenge is just the pencil test..when i was in jr HS in the 80's this was how you could embarass the girls who werent developed yet if they didnt pass the pencil test…

  9. ApeBogs schreef:

    Jacob sartourious should do all of these

  10. manoj kumar schreef:


  11. Abigail Grinstead schreef:

    who else did the cinnamon challenge

  12. zollie smith schreef:

    the underboob pen challenge only works if you have saggy boobs

  13. dscott1520 schreef:

    if you post pics of yourself with a condom over your face, you're the definition of a dick head. .

  14. sanjit manna schreef:


  15. Leilani Pena schreef:


  16. thebossveygamerblue schreef:

    I know a youtuber who did the condom challenge

  17. Keonne Williams schreef:


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