Ed Sheeran – Lego House [Official Video]

Official music video for Ed Sheeran’s ‘Lego House’, featuring Rupert Grint from Harry Potter (Ron Weasley). Go behind the scenes of the video shoot here: http://youtu.be/Px6nTLFD6do

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18 Responses to Ed Sheeran – Lego House [Official Video]

  1. Jagger Polkus schreef:


  2. Thary Cheng schreef:

    first i thought ed was shawn mendas now i get confused with ed and RON WEASLEY………….. EVERYBODY'S COMMENT SHALL BE ABOUT RON……………….i kinda cringe cuz now im thinking this is ron ugh

  3. Влад с друзьями schreef:

    You Ron the Harry Potter 7

  4. Isamanda Pariat schreef:

    Ron! what are u doing?! go back to Hogwarts

  5. Siena Rose schreef:

    He could have just advada kadavra the security

  6. Bunga Amira schreef:


  7. Loneliness destroyed me schreef:

    Wow Ed really changed,he looks different

    its joke!

  8. Ronneil Camara schreef:

    Is this the guy from Harry Potter? Wasn't aware he has a nice voice!

  9. Name schreef:


    who's listening to ➗(Deluxe) on Spotify

  10. Jayden Robinson schreef:

    His face does not look like Edward Chistofer Sheeran/Ed Sheeran

  11. Miggyy12AJ Miggyy12AJ schreef:

    99 percent of people watching this are potter heads and can i say that i am one of those people XD

  12. mgias uddin schreef:

    Yeah 100 points for Gryffinder

  13. KizzyWittam LXE schreef:


  14. Blusher 122 schreef:

    if Draco Malfoy seen this he would 100% say ''wait till my father hears about this'' lmao

  15. Kawaii Lemon Films schreef:

    Ronald Weasley!!! You have changed…A LOT!!!! Why would you make a lego house when that's muggle junk, you foul!!! Continue to play chess and get back to Hogwarts!!!!

    I'm Harry. Hermione is very upset and she is a bit angry because of you. You shouldn't have starred in a muggle film. Punch Ed and get back here.

    My father will hear about this -Draco

    This is Hermione. Don't you dare get caught by muggle officers!!!! I will speak to Professor Dumbledore about this!!!

    You're not my true son, Mr. Ronald Weasley!!!! Get back here and apologize to Ginny, George, Fred, Percy, Bill, and Charlie and your father and I. We are all VERY disappointed in you. And I thought Dark Arts class was gonna work. -Molly/Mother

    So, how was the music video?! Did you have fun?! I HOPE YOU DIDN'T!! You wanna get expelled?! Well get back here and we'll have a talk with Snape, how's that?! -Professor Dumbledore

    So, do we write down how we feel because Ron starred in a muggle film without telling us??? O…k? Umm, Ron, you are…….a…………evil little cockroach!!!! -Luna

    I'm dearly sorry for everyone hating on you, Ron. But to be honest, GET BACK HERE OR YOU'LL BE EMBARRASSED WHILE YOU'RE RUNNING THROUGH THAT BRICK WALL!!! -Me

    Dobby is very sad, sir. Ron Weasley shouldn't have starred in a muggle film with Ed Sheerhim!! (Ha, you get it?!- Me) Dobby will now hit Ed Sheerhim and Dobby's friends will cast spells on Ed Sheerim

    Ed, what a wonderful video. Muggles are way better than wizards. Keep doing your thing and work hard!! -Dudley

    Shut up Dudley- Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, Ginny, Fred, George, Bill, Molly, Charlie, Luna, Dobby, Draco

  16. Vanessa quintanilla schreef:


  17. Celitø schreef:

    Why did I have the feeling that at any moment he would draw a wand?

  18. Cora Aked schreef:

    10000000000000000 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR

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