Music –
Really Slow Motion – Iron (Epic Heroic Uplifting)
Most Powerful Classical Music – The Untold
Really Slow Motion & Instrumental Core – Gates (Epic Powerful Dramatic Action)
Really Slow Motion – ‘Gender’

Speakers –
Paulo Coelho
Tony Robbins
Gregg Plitt
John Lee Dumas
Jamie Foxx
Ben Carson

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19 Responses to EMBRACE YOUR FAILURES – Motivation

  1. MrChristonik schreef:

    Can someone please list the movies list?

  2. Charlie Yard Service schreef:

    Damm, I'm pumped. F*@#ing Great way to start my morning. Nice Work

  3. Jillian Schleger schreef:

    What I love about this is the gripping encouragement. The fuel is here to allow me to find what pulls me all on my own. What I don't need is a crap load of shame that other vids drill out. Thank you for creating solid stones for me to put in my path to sucess. <3

  4. Kurtis Nauss schreef:

    Love it.. I actually just posted a video on this topic, Don't be scared to make mistakes. "Anyone who had never made a mistake, has never tried anything new" – Albert Einstein

  5. Key To Success schreef:

    Get your Daily motivtional Quotes on Instagram now !! , @key2succes , its our destination!

  6. Mentor Dynasty schreef:

    Excellent video!

  7. Chase MacKenna schreef:

    Dude in the warehouse…where's that from and who is he?

  8. Second Opinion schreef:

    When one truly feel that it's something they want to achieve.. Please follow your dream!! Don't let anyone discourage you! Love ones,Friends whom ever! No one can see your dreams.

  9. Second Opinion schreef:


  10. Miles damien schreef:

    Greg plitt's voice is always with me

  11. WHYWHYWHY schreef:

    Ughh stop saying Edison invented the lightbulb it is inaccurate!

  12. Real Life Motivation schreef:

    Great video!! inspiring!!

  13. Akhtar Kamal trainer and life coach schreef:

    similerly I was of the view that failure n loosers are most hatable people, now I realized that God gave us failure as temporary face, shortly to make us real successful n awasome person in the life, eternal success forever.

  14. Cardarius Grady schreef:

    simply amazing!

  15. I enjoy sandwiches schreef:

    Thomas Edison was nothing more than a thief and bullshit artist

  16. Gundeep Anand schreef:

    Made my day

  17. Yavel Tosado schreef:

    I'm beyond glad I found this channel. I'm looking foreward to more from this channel.

  18. Scott F. schreef:

    I left my job as 60 after 28.25 years with a great company. I had been a company bitch all my working life beginning with my first job at 14 at an amusement park. I left work with a good nest egg. 401k is strong, and there was also company stock…I have something under me to support me and my wife so i could chase the dream. I'm working in the studio recording an audio book. (half of the new plan) i'm tripping over simple words and sentences, sometimes more the two three four and five times. I'm getting mad, I'm cussing into the mic. Calling myself a dumbass, a retard, a fucking moron…I should just kill myself and save the time of facing the failure that i know is staring back at me. At 60 I walked away to chase my dreams, to live my third act the way I want to live it. I'm missing the drive, the discipline, the motivation to really dig in and get started and to keep going. Quitting would be easier that this. I throw my headphones against the wall…the meter records the impact…I get up, walk out and sit at the computer….and then find this video…Thanks.

    Time to go back to work…

  19. garvoi schreef:

    what is the movie with the young black kid?

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