‘FACE YOUR FEARS & FAILURES – 2’ (ft.Shah Rukh Khan) – Inspirational Video | SRK | Eternal Explorer

“Don’t be afraid of being afraid, be afraid of not facing your fears and failures. Do not be afraid to defy conventions, do not be afraid to destroy systems that kill art and your souls. Do not afraid to be hungry and do not be afraid to walk alone because on a tight rope we all walk alone…and don’t take shit from anybody.”

– Shahrukh Khan

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20 Responses to ‘FACE YOUR FEARS & FAILURES – 2’ (ft.Shah Rukh Khan) – Inspirational Video | SRK | Eternal Explorer

  1. Shaikh Tabrez schreef:

    badsha Khan of Bollywood

  2. Fardowsa Ibrahim schreef:

    woow this video makes me love SRK more then I do. lov u king khan u will never give up never. and we love u for the hard work u do.

  3. krishna moorthi schreef:

    great man life

  4. mr syed schreef:

    srk is my inspirational

  5. Vinay schreef:

    SRK is the biggest inspiration .. the greatest living legend on this planet !! love him so much

  6. shruv srkian schreef:

    god bless my godddddd

  7. Shambu Pattar schreef:

    just.. amazing…

  8. Valentine Your schreef:

    respect to srk sir

  9. aj schreef:

    srk is very hard working man….he sleep just for 4 hours

  10. Trisk Khan schreef:

    love u shahruk khan. I love love love love soo much

  11. Semanti Ganguly schreef:

    awesome.really motivating

  12. TSL ORTHY schreef:

    The best ever speeches… Love u SRK.. u r my inspiration..<3

  13. SHRESTHA GHOSH schreef:

    very well done

  14. Amit Gautam schreef:

    love u

  15. EHRR INFO Solutions schreef:


  16. Shees Shumbol schreef:

    superb heart touching

  17. Robert Magier schreef:

    Very good. Thanks.

  18. Rituparno Datta schreef:

    Because on a tight road we all walk alone.

  19. Karan Kanojia schreef:

    Whether people hate him but he is inspiration for many people to achieve the success

  20. MrAManan1 schreef:

    Awesome, SRK is a real superstar and role model

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