Fail & Win Compilation VIRAL VIDEO 2017

Fail & Win Compilation VIRAL VIDEO 2017

Fail & Win Compilation VIRAL VIDEO 2017
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Funny all arround videos from Japan And America USA. All this pranks and funny videos are made in Japan and America with recording with special camera’s like Sony and Samsung mobile cameras. This compilation is made up with a Lenovo laptop z510, it have an i7 8gb RAM, and graphic card 740m. Support and like my channel for more amazing compilations everyday.
Japan is an amazing place with new technolgy so be sure to visit it at least once.
The Next year videos will be in much better quality because they will be recording with a New Samsung mobiles, and better camera from Sony.

6 Responses to Fail & Win Compilation VIRAL VIDEO 2017

  1. PJ Tube schreef:

    Haha great stuff!

  2. Sereak Memes420 schreef:

    Ballz deep 69


    1:57 "NOOO NOOO NOOOO!!!" LOL

  4. DidoCool schreef:

    Great video and nice channel mate :-)

  5. Best Crash Compilations schreef:

    was that a snake at the and i feel sorry for her she must be in pain

  6. likjk schreef:

    3:25 did he tried a suicide wtf

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