Fails of the Week – MARCH 2017 – WEEK 1 | Funny Fail Compilation

Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest FAILS of March 2017. Selection include firework fails, stupid stunts caught on tape, surf fails, extreme jumps gone wrong, bike crashes, backflips done wrong, snow fails and more viral clips, bloopers, outtakes and moments caught on tape.

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19 Responses to Fails of the Week – MARCH 2017 – WEEK 1 | Funny Fail Compilation

  1. Tio Zeno schreef:

    cade os BR so eu ? 🙁

  2. Keneil Williams schreef:

    2:13 ooooo someones getting fired!!!!

  3. Daywalker ! schreef:

    6:07 ohhmyygod did you saw the black hole ?

  4. ethan199303 schreef:

    0:28 is totally fake. You'd never put a dartboard above something b/c the darts fall out all the time

  5. Archangeldawn schreef:

    7:04 was actually pretty cool & funny

  6. ole krogstad schreef:

    Guy smashes tailbone on concrete, screams for water … uuhm … Waaay ?

  7. Bergbua87 schreef:

    Nice Video 😉

  8. Saud Patel schreef:

    Suffering a mad fall
    Get me water get me sater

  9. Daan Thijssen schreef:

    you are many mutch my friendsly

  10. TNT X Spartan schreef:

    U took fail army's video but u took out the intro

  11. 1985Viggen schreef:

    2:59 Water after a crash?

  12. Brick Squash schreef:

    5:14 Scarces cousin?

  13. Supreme Dawg schreef:

    5:30 cyka

  14. BeneyGesserit schreef:

    This is a fail of a fail compilation, soooo many fakes as well.

  15. Melissa May schreef:

    5:37 – song?

  16. Jacob Sullivan schreef:

    The dude that stacked the bike and assumed water would make him better "omg omg omg water water get me water"

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